Big Screen DS

Everything is dropping hard on the DOW right now but with the rumors of a larger screened Nintendo DS debuting before the end of the year it might be a good time to get a few shares of NTDOY. Even without a huge share value surge at the very least the dividends are quite nice. By the way, I do not think it will look anything like this. This is just two iphones photoshopped onto each other...I think.

Rachell Sumpter

I think that I really like this...the colors are engaging and the composition interesting. I am not sure that 14X11 is big enough though. I think that Rachel should work a bit bigger. Still it is a compelling piece that you have to look at close up in order to appreciate.



We are working on a game controller project and in the process I came across this. It seems like it would be great for gamers that are also very good at texting. I believe that this particular one is for Xbox.


DiTullo Automotive

Impressively, in the middle of everything else Mike has going on he has broken into Automotive Design too. I know that he has been working towards getting an automotive piece into production on-the-side for a little while now. Congratulations Mike.




Nice power button...not sure about the magic mouse.


Although the angle is just a slight change it seems appropriate and I bet it is more pleasant to use. The finish also looks interesting. I read something on gadget about it being teflon coated? Sounds interesting.


The flocked steering wheel is a little weird.


Check out the concept section on the Lexus website. Along with the interesting looking new hybrids some of the concepts are really nice evolutions of current form and detail trends.



We are really happy with the way that this came out. The subtly form break and the struggle over finding the exact right detailing and material thickness was worth it.


Did you know that this ceramic Vitra classic is only about 6" tall?


Nice small foot print.

Red Dot

This was designed by Michael Sodeau and I believe that it is a Red Dot award winner. I think it is part of his desktop office collection. I like it but I think the clock takes up too much room on the desk surface...especially when compared with the scissors, above.

mini cocotte

This is the next recipe I am going to try....maybe for Sunday's game
Chocolate Cocottes with Molten Hearts
Enjoy this sumptuous Chocolate Cocottes with Molten Hearts recipe served in our mini cocotte.
This recipe serves 4 people so why not treat yourself or a loved one to our special limited edition set of 4 flame cocottes. These cocottes come in a beautiful gift box and for a limited time you will receive a free hard cover cookbook containing this recipe and 24 other delicious savory and sweet recipes for you to cook in your mini cocotte.
Serves: 4
Preparation Time: 25 minutes
Cooking Time: 12-15 minutes
7 oz bittersweet chocolate
6 oz (1 ½ sticks) butter
4 large egg yolks
4 large whole eggs
1/2 cup sugar
2/3 cup unbleached flour
Zest of 1 orange


I recently received the gigantic 13 1/4 qt French Oven. I used it this weekend to make the a braised pork shank chili. (The recipe came from Esquire. If you go to Esquire.com and search for Chili recipe it will come right up.) I have made the recipe twice now and the secret is in getting a meaty shank and in the braising. The Le Creuset French Oven is perfect for it and makes cooking a big recipe like this infinitely easier.



A birthday hug

While I am complaining: a word about partnering

Nice color palette. I recently gave a prospect a presentation that I thought went well. They make well-respected and high-quality products so I was nervous and might have gone too quickly. I usually do. Shockingly the person that invited me to visit got up and left half way through the presentation. Apparently he had run out of time to meet. Ironically, he was interested enough to mention partnering on a line of new products. Partnering? Usually when I hear that word now I cringe because I have learned that it does not mean the same thing to me as it does to others. In the world of product development it seems to mean that when they need you you will have someone who is going to ask for infinite flexibility and all kinds of extra attention. Then in return, when things are done and it is time to share the reward they will suddenly treat you like you just came in off the street. Once development is done most seem to quickly forget all the work that got them there and the value of the partnership. I am sure that it is something that I am doing incorrectly in the initial phases of the partnership but getting myself to stop making the same mistake is proving difficult.


This is a hot rendering but I sure hope that it is not the future of the great TT. It looks like someone broke (or at least bent) its back.

Crown wins again!

What a shock!

More IDSA winners


I was recently asked why I have not more fully embraced our most widely accepted industry organization, the Industrial Design Society of America or IDSA. I was a member from 1990-2009 and Evo has had several chapter officers over the years. Recently however the organization has become even intolerably incestuous. Their big event, the IDEA awards is basically the same 10 companies giving awards to each other (besides Apple who to my knowledge has never joined). Also, they seem to have no problem giving the same products awards every year and even less difficulty giving awards to their major donors, like Crown. Seems like that would be a conflict to me. But most of all, the over priced conferences have very little to do with real design issues and a lot more to do with promoting egos.

No impact man

I think that I have written about Colin and his no impact crusade before. Sorry for the repetition. The movie version is coming out soon (no joke) and I see it every once in a while on the apple homepage. He is a really nice guy and extremely like able but there is something that is so infuriating about someone who has already accumulated wealth, possessions and a family deciding that the rest of humanity really ought to do without these things that is just so aggravating. It is also odd that he would publish a book and produce a movie but more understandable to me. Maybe I should read the book...

squirrel away

Jane Jenni calls these melamine cups "brain teasers". I am not sure about that. But they are cute and that layered melamine always looks rich. I just wish they would have coordinated the palette better. This material would have been great for the humidifier line below. Oh, and don't get Jane Jenni confused with Jimmy Jane - very different product lines.


New slowcooker from Crockpot. Very well done.


It snowed here yesterday, just flurries but winter appears to be coming a little early this year and that means that the humidifiers will be coming out soon which reminded me that the last two humidifiers we designed with the great marketing team at Bionaire are on the market now. Although Jarden appear to churning out nothing but re-skins and color changes lately these two innovative forms were well executed and they maintained a good pricepoint.



VTech is really doing some interesting things in the cordless phone market. This one seems like a great combination of cell-phone detailing and B&O inspired form. The finishes hold up really well in person too. Almost makes me think we should start having a home phone again.


Not sure why I have not seen this before but I think that it makes a lot of sense. I wonder how goo the seal is and how easy to use the opening latch is.

Genius Bar

That is what they call the help desk at the Apple store, the genius bar. The store closest to my house is always packed. Possibly explaining Apples unbelievable stock surge. Even on a tuesday afternoon there are lines of people waiting to buy stuff even as the rest of the stores in the mall are dead. Still, this layout is mildly annoying to spend any time in. All of their laptops look the same and all of the iphones look even more the same. The weird collection of bags, covers, speakers, docks and applications is an over priced jumble of visual chaos. Checking out with the remote registers carried around by geniuses is certainly not a feature to me. I must be in the minority though because the people in here seem to love it.


AJ's Music recommendations 03

From AJ "I'm listening to some Brad Mehldau "Largo", he's like supposed to be
this hip jazz piano guy who also reinterprets pop tunes. I've tried to
listen to him in the past but just wasn't that into it but I'm giving
it another chance after seeing "Largo" listed as a must listen on an
NPR Jazz Blog about younger, hip jazz artists. Maybe I'm too old and
bitter to listen to young and hip jazz."



Pop tells me that this is the next beer to try...it is a Mexican beer called Sol.



Designed by Mario Trimarchi. The rectangles are made by folding sheet metal, previously laser-cut, and in some cases welded together to ensure greater solidity. I am not sure if the asymmetry is necessary though..especially for something that is probably used as a center piece.


I saw some interesting new products from Brother recently. I just wonder who still believes that this brand name has any value to anyone. The new products have some audi inspired lines similar to this printer, the logo plate seems out of place.

More Shanghai

Of course there is still a lot of this type of thing.I think that the could film Blade Runner two here without having to change very much.


The largest city in China? Who knew? It was really interesting to be there during a holiday and see how thoroughly things are shut down. Even if it did make it a little but boring. The holiday was national day, celebrating 60 years of communist rule. gGiven the overwhelming presence of commerce it challenges expectations for what communism feels like as a visitor. The history of the city is also getting harder and harder to spot and it makes New York seem homey and quaint.