I think that these were designed by someone at Yanko. They are nicely done, simple and sophisticated. This color, what we call "karl green" has been an ID standby for about 30 years. I think that Braun was the first to use it.

Cool illustration technique




Another split snowboard configuration. I think that the logo is probably better than product but both are interesting.


North Mountain Pastures

I was a backer on the kickstarter program submitted by these guys. Can't wait for my charcuterie to arrive...although I hope that this guy is spared

Another Momiji

What is Momiji? I do not know other than I think it is a girl's name. Maybe it is from the anime series "Fruits Basket" (although I think that character is a boy) or maybe it relates to the meaning of the name "Japanese Maple Tree"...but they are made out of wood.


Message dolls by Momiji. The message part is hidden in the feet and not really the most compelling part of these well-crafted figures. The packaging is and packing is just as thoughtfully done. They are expensive though, $17 online


Their logo has evolved nicely



The show is really whacked but the bowling alley they were at in tonights episode is cool and it is real. The food even looks pretty good, especially the brunch.

custom quilt

You can take your favorite old shirts and Mary will turn them into custom quilts (machine stitched not hand quilted). Check out Mary's site: maryscustomquilts.com for all of the details. Pretty interesting service. The image attached, probably a little ambitious for your first quilt, is part of the Gee's bend collection.


vapur graphics

Clever but poorly targeted.

cartoon style

Wine bottle label for La vinya del vuit Wine is a good example of the cartoonish style spreading everywhere. Flat, graphic and colorful but I am not sure what it says about the contents other than maybe new and different.


SIG SAUER’s new P238, in .380 ACP was specifically designed as a concealed carry or backup handgun for legally armed citizens or law enforcement professionals.



Mike just posted an editorial on the 1985 FZ750 designed by frog. Interesting stuff for sure if not also a little slabby. The helmet holds up nicely though.


Train Day

National Train Day is coming up. I think that the best way to celebrate is to complain to anyone who will listen about how expensive it is to travel by rail. New Haven to Charlotte is $580 round trip. You can add a sleeping car for $720


Another piece from Emily Rickard. As usual, a great palette and inspired composition.



new painting

This collage/painting is the latest piece at Evo. The Artist is Emily Rickard. Here is what she had to say about it: "Art is the means by which I present my affinity for gathering, saving, and reconstituting found objects.  Working with abstraction allows me to focus exclusively on composition, texture, and the organization of color and pattern within the piece.  The combination of tactile materials from non-art origins, both old and new, creates a personal history specific to that work of art.  When combined and presented within a fine art context these elements exhibit a warm, joyful quality that surrounds the viewer with vibrant color.

With this piece, my goal was to use the scale of the canvas as a place where large, bold patches of color could take center stage in the composition.  The vivid brights and patterns have the ability to draw a viewer in from across the room, while the more subtle, supporting interactions of the collage materials act as the reward for approaching the canvas."   


fire truck 2

Cool technique. Looks like it was done quickly even if the proportions and scale do not necessarily work

future firetruck

A fire truck would be an amazing project. The combination of all of the types of functionality and ergonomics combined with the durability and utility would also make it an enormous assignment. This concept looks a bit like the Haven concept done by DiTullo and me for Architecture for Humanity

Vapur bottle

This is the Vapur bottle artist series. They have some interesting things in their line but this series is lost. The graphics and colors are so weak. The generic top looks totally out of place and dated and the form is poorly proportioned and uncomfortable to hold. Also, the new items they had at the Housewares Show were oddly positioned. Still, you can see the potential.




brand alphabet

Loire valley

A friend just sent me some of his travel pictures from France. Amazing.



mixed material

Interesting combination of materials for this soap dish. Seems like it might be easier to clean than the standard.


Stonover Farm

Old picture of the B&B in Lenox. Still looks the same today, complete with ducks and one of the best perks, they allow dogs. One of the least favorite features, loads of mice.



Saw this well done sign and logo at a kind of old school 40's motel on route 7. Well done. I should have stopped and taken a picture of the two color sign. It is even better than this version.



Nice to see something new-ish being done with coffee bags. No burlap or crate stamping fonts or pictures of coffee beans