wood toy

A student emailed me this weekend looking for references for wood toys. The company I was thinking of is Haba. Attached is an image of another toy that yyou can find at www.moolka.com. Best of luck on your project.


new cookware

I just purchased a new set of Le Creuset cookware to replace my old set of circulon and chantal. Although they are heavy, cooking with them is so enjoyable. They hold heat and perform in a way that makes cooking completely different. It has taken some getting used to and I have yet to make any sauces, for which I am sure that they are going to be exceptional. I just have to find a place to keep them all.

another thought

Now that I have thought about it a bit more I think that I might just save my money for one of these...although I imagine that the mileage might be less than stellar.

macbookpro camera

I just noticed that my new MacBookPro has a camera and a program on it called photobooth. It comes with a variety of preloaded effects and the inteface is pretty intuitive...although the effects are pretty cartoony.


Esquire was right

The listed this as one of the top new restaurants in the country and they are correct. This really is one of the best meals I have ever enjoyed. The tasting menu is excellent and the wine pairing are incredible. Check out the current tasting menu: http://www.cordavi.com/Tasting_for_web.pdf