playing cards

I'd like to design a set at some point. Seems like they are becoming popular again. I think that the white field and the number placement and suits are the only placements.



Saw this posted by my friend Kevin on FB. Creative, but also a bit gross.


not sure

I wish the base related better to the reservoir.


I'd like it better if it worked well.

Edison Award

Found out that we were part of the team that won an Edison Award. Our part was the ID work we did with our friends at Preserve. Anyway, because we won last year I got to be a judge this year. Interesting process. IDSA should take note. This logo is for an award of the same name given out in India but I like it better that the plump and oddly calligraphic lightbulb associated with our award.

Dr. Dre

Working on a headphone project. Amazing how many different designs are in the catagory.



Kodak is filing for creditor protection today. Chapter 11 I think. Kind of depressing but from everything I have read it was greed that got them there. It sounds like they sat on digital camera technology (which they invented) rather than being the ones to introduce it because they wanted to continue to rake in the profits from their film and processing business. They got so big and bloated that it is not surprising that even with several successful very divisions they couldn't keep afloat. Imagine the impact this will have on the already beaten-down western NY area? Glad I got out of the stock with a modest profit I bet many did not.

wall mounted fireplace


rocking chair

Two person rocking chair night be a little big for most homes but is still interesting. This one is called the sway chair. Nice find Heather.


folding umbrella

Interesting line of folding umbrella concepts from our friends at XEN.


This is an initial image of a piece of scientific equipment we developed with AIS. The entire internal mechanism was invented by Mohan and the photo is the work of Marshall Troy.


body bag

What is good product design? Classic question. For those who say that good design is simply creating products that people love here is the body bag.


chair made out of straws

Assembly had to suck.


from dieline

Cans with utters? Assuming that the bottom cap is a molded part I wonder if it would look good in reality.


landrover evoque

Great looking new Landrover...but they should have stopped themselves from copying the mini roof color-break.

bistro zinc in Lenox

This one is made with Absolut wild tea

Barn gallery

One of the carved pieces in Stonover's collection. I believe this is by Leslie Thompson.


Stonover Farm

Really interesting place to spend a couple of days. Nice owners with an impressive art collection near an old small berkshires town that has a little bit of a hippie feel but not the sloppy hippie feel. More of the Hippies with BMWs and chubby portfolios feel

Brunelleschi's Dome

Reading the book of the title above and the author mention's a the coat of arms for the house of Vasconti as being particularly menacing.



None of their clothes ever seem to fit me but they do have some nice products. This is subtle for them but pulling of these contrasting finishes is not easy.




Nice find Heather. This has been on dieline and a bunch of other sites, I wonder how it is selling. The simple, plain look is interesting but not comfortable in very many homes.




If we are really still in the middle of a recession why are retail numbers up and consumer savings at a 10 year high? Did it feel like a recession at the mall this year? Not to me. I know unemployment is high and under-employment even higher but could it be that both political parties feel it is in their interest to claim a lingering recession?



Decent example of the evolution of style trends in graphics although the colors are off

Happy New Year