Here is a similar SKU in a retro red palette. It kind of hurts the safe cozy look but it is well done.

3 in 1 car seat

There are a lot of nice details here, no doubt. It looks like they were inspired by Recaro. It would be even better if they focused a little more on improving the use now that they have the safe cozy look nailed. Maybe the seat should rotate 90ยบ with a lock in each position to allow for easier in and out. Easier removal for washing would also be nice. Especially since anyone that likes this look will likely want to keep it clean.

More old milwaukee

This is pretty nice tool, especially the tapering handle. But they should have stopped themselves from putting the homage to their lightening bolt mark into the material break on the handle.



The design of this right angle drill is clean and precise but what really makes it is stand out is that the handle cross section is nicely proportioned, comfortable and still substantial.


AJ's Music recommendations 06

From AJ "I'll tell you what I think and it probably isn't the popular opinion: The Neko Case CD I first bought and listened to like crazy was her second release called: "Furnace Room Lullaby". Most people would tell you to get "Blacklisted" or "Fox Confessor Brings the Flood" or even her latest "Middling Cyclone". You really can't go wrong with any of them but for some reason I really dug "Furnace Room Lullaby". She also put out an EP called "Canadian Amp" that I thought was really good. Another lady you may want to look up is Kelly Hogan. She often sings with Neko on releases and Neko always says Kelly has a way better voice than she does.


Mike, this is a good high-end example of the color trend I was talking about.

State Fair

Edison's school just had their state fair. Edison was assigned Colorado. Here he is standing with his scale model of the "Garden of the Gods" which is just outside of Colorado Springs...I think. The whole family helped him but he did most of it himself. He seemed to enjoy it but for some reason he was disappointed that he got Colorado...because he wanted Kansas.


Great day to buy TTM. Their cars and utility vehicles are getting better and better and their stock went to BELOW $15.50 this morning.


Jersey Naps

Sadly, I think that this was the best new thing at the Stationary Show in NYC. They are napkins that fold into a variety of stand-up forms. This is the Sports Jersey version. There were some cool new pens too...but nothing really different.


I was skeptical of this being the ultimate vodka as they claim. But it really is.

second painting

This painting from Kristina DiTullo's burbs series is the second addition to the artwork at Evo. The technique is impressive as is the color selection but what stands out for me when looking at it in the space is the mood.



Ian built a great campfire by the beach



Today is a good day to pick up a few shares of PMI, the mortgage insurer. They dropped down to $4.60 this morning and I think that they look to double in a year with plenty of growth potential after that. Eventually their books will be cleared of all the mess and there will be first time buyers with minimal down payments in need of PMI.


Phillips light bulb

New LED light bulb unveiled at the Lightfair trade show, it is a 12-watt LED light bulb, meant to replace the standard 60-watt incandescent. I think it is called the Endura.


Michael Palmer

Another painting from Michael Palmer. I think that this is in the Polonaise gallery in Woodstock, VT. I like this better than the compositions from the keys or Jamaica.


another table

We designed this with our good friends at SportCraft a while ago.

interesting parking

Nice find John.


non-structured structure

An interesting combination of structure and non-structure.

game table

Interesting look. Too bad they blew it on the legs.


Nice day to buy Activision (ATVI) It is hovering around $11 and I think it will be over $17 once the new games start to roll out and they pay decent dividends.

More Miriam Singer


joseph joseph

The stuff looks really good but most of it falls short in the interaction between the parts where the fit is sloppy and the molding heavy handed. This is one exception to that, the salad bowls and fruit bowls are just plain nice. They do a good job with their photography too.


As far as I can tell they are doing everything right in handling the spill but their stock is naturally getting hammered. To me it seems obviously oversold and is a great buy. There will be the inevitable jump back up into the $60 range and the consistent dividends they'll throw off along the way. They are also sure to be a big part of whatever energy bill eventually gets passed.


CCAD portfolio review

On a recent trip to CCAD I saw a lot footwear designs. It is not surprising a lot of designers want to go into footwear. And they probably employ more designers than any industry besides automotive, so it makes sense. However, I imagine it is really hard to teach footwear and even more difficult to do credible design without some level of industry presence in the program. Here is an example of a recent grad from Carnegie that I think did a good job.