It is great to see that this still has 5 stars on amazon. Definitely our best project with Cuisinart to date.

Pod Cot

Two in one, ready for the different stages of growth, Pod Cot and Junior Bed enclose the whole class and style of modern design Highlighted by a great attention to detail, in a stylish and functional. Cot Pod is a cradle-shaped ‘cocoon’ with a transparent wall decorated with stars cut. Easy to assemble and clean, is easily transformed into the product reaches the age when necessary to impose different requirements. “Junior B” add and remove the need, without changing the aesthetic impact with a sense of continuity also useful in the rest of the furnishings. Nice find Heather.

future hotel concepts

Bad rendering but an interesting idea. I think that the concept integrates power generation too.

Pet bed

Another new pet bed. Better focused on working with the home aesthetic. This is the operetta pet lounge by kenneth cobonpue

Cutlery tray

There are no good looking cutlery trays. Even the great Jasper Morrison couldn't do it. This is the one he designed for Magis.


I think Noosh is Australian. The concept is simple geometric fabric colored foam childrens furniture. A three piece set with your choice of fabrics valued is $677. They have also been smart enough to pair up with Amy Butler for the patterns, she is the best. (Great find Heather)


So much snow, shoveling it, plowing it, driving in it, talking about it. It is not even February and winter is already getting old. To make room for the next storm in Thomaston the town is deploying front end loaders.


I think that it is the most common color palette for the R8 but it is also the strongest and most distinctive.



I have been studying chess and doing the exercises in the book "Practical chess exercises" by Ray Cheng. At lunch today was the first time I checkmated the computer on chess.com Here is a screen shot of the game.

A7 concept sketch


I just read the CES award wrap-up. I think that this Motorola Xoom won best of show. The details and finished are interesting in places but the graphics are uninspired. Hard to see why it would win over the ipad.


Lavazza 2011

Thanks to Taylor I got my 2011 lavazza calendar. Someone told me a bout it last year and I was able to get the large wall version. The photography is really amazing although this years theme "love" seems to have brought out the cliches.

Another jobsite box

This is closer to the mark but the cues to functionality still feel a bit faux. No doubt that this is a difficult design challenge.


rockhouse hotel Negril

Jobsite radio

Getting to design the highly giftable job-site radio is great. I think most designers love it. But this heavy-handed use of the language looks like it was done by a completely different team.


Seems to be heavily inspired by DeWalt but is still a huge aesthetic improvement for Milwaukee. I am sure the performance is there but the details and proportions still seem like they might need just a bit of tweaking.

Audi concept


Puyo is part of Honda's cars with no discernible edges line. PUYO is said to be a Japanese onomatopoeia expressing the sensation of "touching the vehicle's soft body." It is meant to convey a warm, friendly impression and bring together 'clean', 'safe' and 'fun' functionality in an environmentally responsible, people-friendly minimalist design featuring an ultra-high efficiency, small frame and fuel cell technology. Even the drivetrain's minimal — a joystick for intuitive operation are all designed to gently support occupants' senses. Interesting, but what is with the color choice?


Knoll Classic

Jens Risom’s original 1941 collection is a classic understated Scandinavian design. Risom’s tables display the sturdy, straightforward construction and shapes that embody his distinctive style. The collection includes the round dining table, the square and round side tables and the amoeba-shaped coffee table. Danish-born Jens Risom immigrated to the United States in 1939 and designed Knoll’s first commissioned collection, including a range of simple birchwood chairs in 1941. After World War II, he founded his own company and was among the first to manufacture furniture consisting of interchangeable standard components. Risom was knighted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in 1996. Cool view too.

2011 calendar ideas

I like to wait until the middle of january to get my wall calendar so that I can get them on sale. Star Trek ships of the line.


Bonito Fish

Also known as skipjack Tuna. Tastes great but take a look at them, maybe it is time to stop catching em?

Not it

This isn't the new format mentioned below. I think this version came out in 2010. Although interesting, the whimsical, bubbly form is running against all current design trends. It reduces the perceived value and creates a feel that, while fun, seems low tech and dated. I think LD instant prints probably still have a market but the device form ought to let the result be the focus not the housing. That is tough for designers to do. That being said, given Polaroid's condition it is impressive that they are still taking big swings like this.


The colors they chose are too toy-like and primary but the iphone style configuration and the placement of the controls are well-done. It is a subtle evolution but it is interesting. I think that they need to lose all of the exterior surface graphics too. Someone told me the other day that Polaroid is making a similar version.


Iceberg water?

According to their marketing team this is "Original iceberg water from Greenland. The bottle is unique in the fact that it has a glass stopper. it protects the purity of the water, which is harvested from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Greenland. untouched for hundreds of thousands of years. It is the purest water in the world."

Dora Atwater Millikin

Available at Walker-Cunningham Fine Art


Muvi DV cam

More good stuff from our friends at Veho.


Logitech Revue

CES time again. According to CNET's review "The Logitech Revue with Google TV is loaded with potentially game-changing functionality, but its high price, numerous caveats, and current assortment of bugs make it best-suited to early adopters--at least until promised firmware fixes become available."

Litchfield boardwalk

Olivia Pendergast

Olivia just posted a portrait project for Haiti on Kickstarter. It looks like she will be using a different style for that project than is shown here but I am sure it will be fantastic.