Although I think that better color selection would make the this innovative concept easier to adopt these desgins done by Whipsaw are really compelling. If the category were a little less risk averse I would think that these could be the next gladware. I am sure that some one is going to email me about posting work done by competitors but please, these are just well done.


For Ben

I believe that all of the bad press about Chopsticks is negated if you bring your own.



I just ordered a set of these speakers. They are exceptional and the service is extraordinary. The company is the most helpful company I have interacted with in a long time. And I am not just talking about the purple velvet bags that the speakers come in either.

green room

If you have a chance check out the green room discussion are on Core77.com. I just started helping out with a little moderating for that section and there are a lot of very interesting posts.


These double walled mugs are excellent. Although they are so light that they are fragile feeling.


find a charity

This website is excellent for helping to locate a good charity.



If this did not spit grounds all over every once and a while that would make this perfect. Even after two years it is enjoyable to use every morning.


We use this locally roasted organic coffee in our new Gaggia machine and it is excellent. I first heard about it from a friend that owns a bed and breakfast and have been using it ever since.

Coffee, Tea, Etc
187 West Side Road
Goshen CT 06756
Tel/Fax 860-491-9920

Heyday footwear

I just visited this website, heydayfootwear.com. Pretty interesting break lines and details by Darin Hager. The website and logo are also well done.

Bose companion

I am also really happy to see that these are out on the market and doing well. Bose sets such a high standard with the caliber of their internal design team that it was a real challenge to come in and make a contribution. They have such a strong commitment to innovation and design that it was a real pleasure to be a part of the team.


Leapfrog Brightlings

It was great to be on the team that developed these and I am really happy to see that they are out. The most exciting part is that there is tremendous growth potential in this direction and a lot of room for them to push the materials and colors.


This game is really great. The premise is to have a bunch of players take turn guessing about each others preferences. The graphics could use a little love but we have played it with several VERY different crowds and age groups and everyone loves it.



Although I am not sure that this would look good in my bathroom I do like the way they positioned the product with color and form. I think that the eyes are too detailed and not really necessary for creating the character



I have not held this in my hand but from the phototraphy it looks great.



This movie has either the best lead casting or the worst.

investing can be fun

I have really enjoyed the lending section of this site. Although my investments are very small, after about a year I am earning 15.6% on average. It seems well conceived and tightly managed.


painting number 5

This is an in progress image for a show I have scheduled in January. I am about halfway through with the show and fianlly found the look that I am going to try to achieve across three sets of subject matter.

Jack Link's Jerky

This sasquatch thing is pretty nervy. I think that they shoul dbe as bold with the branding and graphics as they are with the campaign. Check it out on You tube if yu have not already seen it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2d_m2OVa_g


These guys sort of did what I describe below but the geometric form and lack of contsructed detail leaves the result a little cold and lacking the crafted quality look. Still the color is courageous, given the competition, and there is a lot of potential to build brand ID around.


I think that this basic form and material effect would make a great technology enclosure for product that reside in areas of the home where consumers wanted the the features of the technology without the contemporary look of technology interfaces.



i went shopping at Sears today...because they are sort of close to my house and I heard that their 3day sale was pretty good. Anyway, other than the old-school wacked-out radio shack style check out where they fill out that form, it was pretty decent. Surprisingly not that horrible...at least in the tool section.


First harvest

We picked this little sugar watermelon a bit too soon but we could not wait. We started these in the green house in April.

Vacation cruise

Edison received a boat for his 7th birthday and since then one of his favorite things to do is to float around the pool...even with the heat wave the water is still freezing. We exceed the weight limit by 30 pounds.


Wade 2.0

I was doing a little research for a project nd came across this by Converse. I was not aware that they had anything like this. I lke the shaped and contrast stitching in the back-in-black colorway. Some of the other details seem unnecessary to me but all thing considered this is really nice. It kind of makes me wish I did not have a personal ban on Nike products.