This is a reproduction of the classic "Womb" chair designed by Saarinen and originally made by Knoll (I think). The reproduction is around $600 and the original is around $4000. Would be interesting to compare them side-by-side and see if the original is worth the extra cost.

Oakley 3

Another good example. I do not think that it is so much that they have good too far with their Giger-esque alien organic aesthetic. Maybe it just feels extreme because it is so contrary to what everyone else is doing and what their target audience is buying. At least it is distinctive.


over the top

Of course the "time bomb" style below is better than this over-the-top collage of Tissot + Oakley + Casio + megatron. They seem to be searching for relevance but aren't paying attention their core demographic.


They have been riding this form language for a little bit too long but this is still working. Although for $2700 you can buy a much nicer watch.



Nice to see Timberland testing the elasticity of their brand. Given the rigidity of their retail spaces I thought the whole brand would be on the way out soon

bubble light?

Looks like bubbles to me but the official name is the balloon lamp


Holiday gift idea #14

Fun and really easy to get started but deceptively hard to master. You can get a basic set almost anywhere. Perfect for eve eve.


da Vinci

The name is over referenced but it does fit this break through. This is the medical robot that will be used to remove AM's lung.


Holiday wrapping paper

This only works well if you are giving a lot of gifts but it is pretty cool. Nice find T-dog

grab bag gift idea #1

Soap-on-a-rope is a classic grab bag gift and this student concept takes it up a notch


Braun Watch?

Braun used to be something special. Clearly they were a part of the design inspiration for most of the current Apple products starting with the original ipod. However, $680 for this chunker is a bit hefty. Especially with the heavy handed logo.


Partial evolution of the sprite can.


snow shovel

Looks cool but the push handle and the shovel surface are more aesthetic than functional. Colors look good though.

Holiday gift idea #13

Ebay is getting a little stale but there are still some good buys like these old scissors.

Holiday gift idea #12

Not just for kids the Disney App named water has a very well thought out structure, smooth expansion through the levels and is intuitive. The graphics might be a bit flat but the colors make up for it.


holiday gift idea #11

For under $20 this classic stanley flask is hard to beat. The enameled finish, texture and color are classic.

Wood iphone cover?


Prestige cordless kettle

Love the way the handle follows the form. Not sure I like the way the spout terminates. Appears to be a bit cut-off.

holiday gift idea #10

Wolverine 1000 mile boots. Simple, comfortable perhaps over-priced but then again how long will it take you to walk a thousand miles and need to buy another pair.


Holiday gift idea #9

Chicco racecar

Holiday gift idea #8

Try Mario Kart 7. Especially with Nintendo's lead game designer Miyamoto retiring after the launch of Mario Kart 7 and the new Zelda, now is the time to get one of his last big games. The boys have it for their 3DS and seem to love it but they play it on 2D mode most of the time.


holiday gift idea #7

Beefeater is not the best gin. I'd say it goes Karoon (sp?), Plymouth, bombay sapphire, tanguarey ten, tanguarey, bombay dry, then beefeater. But, with the holiday package it does make a nice gift.


More from the game

Here is Ian making confetti and enjoying his ear warmer hat (he had the hand warming packs held against his ear).

Buffalo Bills

Another horribly disappointing showing for the Buffalo Bills. But, it was the boys first game and they had a fantastic time cheering the Bills for a full four quarters, enduring the elements and of course the loud and colorful Buffalo faithful.