There is a lot to like about what Sprig is trying to do. For example: all Sprig Toys Eco-Trucks are molded in a durable, child-safe, biocomposite material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. No decorative paint is used in the production process, packaging is minimal and responsible manufacturing partners are selected to reduce Sprig's carbon footprint on the planet.

However, they missed the opportunity to be cool. The materials and finishes are great but the forms are caricatures that emphasize the wrong features. Instead of looking powerful, fast and cool they look mushy and warped. They should have been more Tonka/Rescue Heros inspired.

XRAY line

This line would be better if it were a dachshund, but you can get them at Olliebollen.com.

Death Star

So, after about 4 months of construction that boys and I finally finished the Death Star. More specifically Edison finished it in a final 2 hour push through the final pages that included threading the central elevator cable. Of the 10,000+ pieces there are only a few unique/custom pieces, pretty impressive and well worth the $400 price tag.



Dwell studio definitely has the right idea here but the patterns are just a little too dull and vacant. They are headed in the right direction but would be better with more of an Amy Butler feel.

outdoor furniture

I like the retro look and the simplicity of this outdoor furniture line by sofia.


This is a newish cartoon on cartoon network called 6teen. the style and artwork are nicely done and the color palette is excellent.

Rapid City SD

I was just reminded of a road trip I took to Rapid City after I graduated from college. I think that it is an under rated city. If yu ever find your self in South Dakota Rapid City is a great place to have a couple beers.


Universal Remote

This makes me think that they might finally have the universal remote figured out.



This looks nice and simple and I like that it assembles without tools. However they claim that the inspiration for the design was to allow children to sit in a wide variety of positions. They say..."No two toddlers sit the same way, which was the inspiration for the ecotots Play Table and Stool. Whether she sits, stands or kneels" Not sure I believe that.


Sonia part one


Nice twist on a popular trend and a creative way to differentiate a line without loosing the look of a line. (sonia-sa.com)


5 plastics

Bring your number #5 plastics to Whole foods, they'll take them and put them to good use.



Cool new seasonal color palette by Mini Boden. The applique and printed patterns are also well-done. Especially interesting is the mix of highly saturated and less complementing colors to create a sort of heirloom/patinad look that is striking but still cozy.


More Meyer May

From the Steelcase website: "Designed by America's most famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the Meyer May House was commissioned in 1908 by a prominent Grand Rapids, Mich., clothier. A example of Wright's now-famous Prairie style of architecture, it was restored to its original concept by Steelcase and opened for visitor tours in 1987. The Meyer May House offers the public a rare opportunity to view a totally designed living environment, a composition of light, planes, and space just as Wright envisioned it in 1908. Before restoration began, extensive research was conducted to determine the original building design. Interviews were held with relatives, neighbors and friends of the May family, Wright scholars, past building occupants, historians and local residents. Documents about Frank Lloyd Wright were also studied to pinpoint information on the Meyer May project itself and Wright's Prairie style of architecture. Historic photos, drawings and documents were found in public institutions and private collections. These proved to be the most valuable tools in reconstructing the history of the actual structure and its contents and provided the framework for the restoration, which was completed in the fall of 1987."

Meyer May

I am not a huge FLW fan but this place is pretty impressive. Just outside of downtown grand rapids it is worth a visit if for nothing else than to admire the preservation efforts of Steelcase. They have to be spending a fortune to keep the place intact and it shows.

Mud Slide

Here we are doing a little mud sled riding. Wet and messy but fun.


Read this article

This is one of the best articles I have ever read. It is about butcher shops by Tom Chiarella and was published in Esquire. http://www.esquire.com/features/steak/butcher-0908

Buffalo get Owens

I think the predictions of a long year in Buffalo because of TO are going to turn out to be way off. Buffalo's pragmatic blue-collar team mentality will be the perfect fit for TO's desire to win. Now if Lynch stays out of trouble this could be the year they finally win it all. Based on the press conference he is going to do everything a person can to put his best foot forward.

New copier

Maybe it IS time for a new copier...but it should really look a lot more like the Mac Pro.

Zoom Flywire

Went to the new Cole Haan store at West Farms mall this weekend and got the flywire, in white. It is not exactly what is pictured here, mine have orange and grey. They are a little lumpy and a bit narrow but a completely interesting fit. The salesmen really pushed the flywire suspension bridge cable concept...making it sound even more gimmicky than it is. (How are the cables supporting anything in this shoe?) Anyway, the lame story resulted in a pretty cool looking visually innovative product.

Laptop sleeve

I believe this was designed by Andrea Valentini. Nice comfortable to carry texture and a refined looking finish, I wonder how durable it is.


This is part of a larger line. I believe it is a corkscrew.

Mac Pro


Movie Recommendation #2

Since you are probably already depressed by the economy, the weather, the environment or all three now might be a good time to see this movie. It was highly recommended by Esquire as well (which is where I learned of it). In case you can not see it the title is "things we lost in the fire."


New Mac Mini

The new iMac and Mac mini were introduced today.