This is off of sparkability. I have not seen it in real life but the mix of materials and the color palette looks intriguing.



Just stumbled across this website. The diaper bags and JP furniture are especially nice.


This canopy is also pretty well done. I especially like the window cut-outs.


I saw this in red at babystyle the other day when I was shopping for a gift for a friend. I knew babystyle had good clothes, plush and gifs but I did not know that they had strollers. This looked really good although a little mechanical...it operated very smoothly and seemed very versatile. It would look much better in a tonal pattern.



I gave up on the diesel and got these instead. They are fairly comfortable although the material build up on the top surface is a little stiff. I picked them up on sale at a little shop in New Preston.

Danger Park

The boys call this danger park...for the reasons shown here. In this picture they are near the top which is about 20 feet above the bark mulch.

white flower farms

We went to white flower farms and the boys each picked out 3 or 4 plants for the yard. The picture shows us sitting in front of the tulip bed. We also planted basil, tomatos, marigolds, watermelons and carrots from seeds in the greenhouse. The greenhouse is a kit and can be seen at Juliana greenhouses website.