Medal of Honor

Purple heart

Nashville Predators

This alternate is way better than the one that they went with which is over-worked and dated in comparison.


Great logo update but they should have worked the maple leaf into it. I wonder if they had concepts that tried.

Burlington Bees logo


The boys first industrial design model, for looking around corners and over walls.



Inspiring sculpture of a bike of the future. Would have been stronger if they had connected it to the Indian brand a bit. Would make a cool form for an amusement park ride.

from automotto

I believe that this is a Triumph concept. The rims are an especially nice detail but the asymmetrical suspension looks overly indulgent and a bit cartoonish, especially for the brand.


bionic hand

This is not exactly the one but I think I saw a person wearing a similar prosthetic at the store this weekend. I saw it quickly but it did not seem to be fully functional, stil it was impressively detailed.

Beocom 5

Classic B&O, the idea of it is inspired but the details and ergonomics are wanting. The cross-section of the handset on this phone is no better than the standard from AT&T and not as good as the ones from VTECH.


A classic for sure but still, the legs seem to be unrelated to the body of the chair.



Normally they go a little too far with their ultraminimal collection of un-unified geometric forms but this looks exceptional.

Archery class

Edison and Ian at the range


Last one

The sea creatures are a good series too and 1% goes towards the environment!...somehow.

More Thomas Paul

I believe that this is a tray. Too bad the forms of the pieces are not more Russel Wright.


Thomas Paul Melamine plates and trays. some are available on Amazon but a wider range of designs can be found by just goggling Thomas Paul melamine. The bird composition makes it the best of these.


Howe Sound Lager

Crisp graphic concept seen on the Dieline



Look at this 5 year chart on PMI. Perhaps this is a good time to buy? It is at $1.50


We had a radio around the studio that looked a little bit like this. It is compelling assuming that you have the room on your counter top for it. Would have been stronger in a color than in white.

Enovate IT

This is the type of accent color application and base construction I was talking about earlier. Perhaps the color is a little too saturated but it is close. If combined with a darker grey for some of the high use areas it would have been stronger.

Melamine storage container

They come in a bunch of fun colors and patterns by a company called French Bull, I think. But being that these are melamine I wonder how well they seal.


They lost it a little bit with the material transitions and the disconnected feel of the back volume but it is still an interesting offering for Brunton.




This shows it better


Acura and others seem to be getting closer and closer to the faceted angular stealth look Cadillac is doing. The proportions and details are great but they really ought to redo the logo.



Still under-rated.


Interesting and daring combination of organic and geometric forms.



Shopping for a new electric lawn mower. The cord is a pain but I just can't believe the rechargeable ones will have enough power.



From the NYC auto show.
The ribbon-like roof detail is not adding much to the aestehtic but the front end is working nicely. The details just need to be tightened down; it looks a little puffy. Also, while the design is compelling it could be made by any number of manufacturers and seems to me to be disconnected from what makes a Saab a Saab.


child tracker

Cool looking concept for a child tracker.


I think that i am the last person to listen to Adele's latest album. Her music and especially the songs that she has written really live up to the hype.


The pattern continuing from the housing to the screen is a cool detail.


I had the Breville blender for a while but the way it was assembled made the bottom cap difficult to tighten enough to keep it from leaking. I thought I'd never try another Breville small electric again but this slow cooker might force me to change my mind. The easy sear feature seems like it would be perfect for stew cuts and short ribs and the form is far superior to anything else. Historically squarish slow-cookers have had temperature irregularities in the center and corners...I wonder if they got around that.