Christmas Gift idea #8

Tea-infuser. I guess you would have to know for sure that the person drinks tea but there are a number of cool infusers available on amazon. Harney and Sons peppermint (www.Harney.com) is good and I think that even people that don't normally like tea would enjoy that.


Christmas Gift idea #7

Not really my thing, but a lot of people seem to like to know the temperature each morning and this acrylic version by Blomus is pretty nice executed. Stainless steel and acrylic construction. Available as a wall mount or with stainless steel stake. Available in fahrenheit only, bummer.

last one

Not sure what these guys do. www.evoind.com

One more Evo

This one is for powerboards.

Another evo

This one is for some kind of nutritional drink


Since we started Evo Design in 1997 many others have also used the name for everything from shoes to phones to motorcycles. The Evo snowboard shop even has a logo type that looks a bit like ours. Not much that can be done about it but I do wish we would have gotten evo.com. At the time I remember thinking that the internet was a fad so I was not worried about it.

nano watch kit

Mike told me about this product on Kickstarter. Interesting concept but it looks really bulky to me. Not sure that it is worth the price either. Still, I think that it is going to generate a lot of traffic for Kickstarter. Scott should try to get them to reduce their cut on this.


Christmas Gift idea #6

Tasto Chip and Dip set. This looks like silicone but I am not positive what the material is. I think that it is available at the MoMa store.

Edison and Ian

At the board walk at white memorial.

Movie recommendation

Midnight Run. Tony was just reminding me of how hilarious this was the first time we saw it. I wonder how it holds up?



Had a chance to see a good sized display of Thule products. Great assortment of solutions. What is interesting to me about their products is that most all of the surfaces are functionally critical. Very few of their products have any purely cosmetic surfaces and so what you see is the engineering. A cool design challenge.


The big announcement on itunes turned out to be the addition of the Beatles library. Wow. What a tremendous disappointment. It is hard to imagine an announcement that would be less interesting than that...except for maybe the announcement of the next silly name for their operating system. Probably to be called Salamander.

Christmas gift idea #5

Chocolate advent calendar from la maison du chocolat. Nice find Taylor.



Evo Movie Night

I have been waiting for a good action movie for the next Evo movie night. I thought that they all came out around this time of year but according to John here is the more typical break-down.

Thanksgiving-Christmas is traditionally a family season, with mostly kid movies
May is super-hero season
July is for action-adventure

This image is from Battle: Los Angelos

christmas gift idea #4

it is true that Abercrombie kids clothes are over-priced and all of the models may look like they are brats but they seem really well made and are nice materials. Ian tells me it is going to be his new brand. Thanks for the suggestion Sue.


Another card idea

From the Heart Gallery in the UK.



It is really difficult to use this soft, plump form language and without letting the product get too toy-like or cartoony. Normally the team at Alessi is better than most but I am not sure they found that balance here.

Christmas gift idea #3

Actually it is a christmas card idea. By Katy Jane designs

Porkchop the sun


The vanishing

A bit slow and totally creepy but well acted. Under-rated


Christmas gift idea #2

The best magazine ever. Every single page is enjoyable and the subscription is a bargain.

christmas gift idea #1

Utrecht is selling a decorate your own Chuck Taylor kit. The have lots of options for the media but the fabric markers look the best. Page 33 of the catalog


not always easy to find but a nice, smooth alternative to Plymouth or Sapphire.



With all of the constriants I an happy to see that this came to the market so well executed and quickly. This is VBrick’s H.264 Encoding Appliance represents a tremendous advance in video streaming. Supporting both standard definition and high definition video delivery, the H.264 product family delivers stunning video quality at unmatched reliability and bandwidth efficiency. And like all VBrick encoding appliances, key functions such as a high capacity streaming server and rich networking support are fully integrated into the device vs. the multiple boxes typically required by other approaches.



Makes great coffee but requires a special brush to keep it clean.

DCM 900

The Delonghi DCM900 Coffee Maker with dual-heating system that includes two separate heating elements. The heating element for the 1500-watt stainless steel boiler creates a faster brewing process, while the warming plate heating element keeps the warm coffee at an optimal serving temperature. Other features include a permanent gold-tone filter that keeps out even the finest grounds from the coffee, a removable filter basket holder, 2-hour automatic shut-off, a Pause 'n Serve function to sneak a cup before the brewing cycle is complete, an easy-access water tank with water level indicator and cord storage. Clearly an homage to the bodum line but probably easier to clean