Spin and Sing Alphabet

I just received this product that we designed with Leapfrog. Although it is a bit different than the concept I think that the interaction and content are excellent. Also, there are a lot of ways to go with this look for future SKUs.

Everything comes in blue

i just told a client this the other day. i think this makes the point better than I did.


So, I just found out that I needed to take out some additional life insurance so that if I die my creditors will still get their money. That sort of got me thinking that I ought to select a coffin. I think that I would prefer to be cremated and but if I did get a coffin I think that this is a winner. Here is why:

Made from 100% recycled paper, which is 100% biodegradable - traditional chipboard coffins degrade slowly and can leak formaldehyde and glues into groundwater.
Beautiful designs allow a funeral to be a colourful celebration of a person's life.
Cheaper than conventional coffins.

I wonder how much a custom color and logo would cost?


The Fuego

This makes me wonder how much is too much to spend on a grill.


The Chelada

1. Salt rim of glass
2. Fill glass with Ice
3. Add the juice from one or two limes
4. Pour in Negra Modelo
5. Refill as you sip



I keep thinking that this might have to be my new ride. I sort of thought that I would never own Ford but the VW's slow crumple has me thinking that it could not be worse. I think that I am going to go test drive it. I want to make sure that there is enough of an increase in leg room for the boys and gas mileage can't be too nuts. I think I would get the off-white color.



I was thinking of getting a new grill for the office. The Weber Q we just bought is nice but a little flimsy. I came across this Eva Solo Design and think that it has the right look. Although I think that they could have gone a little further on the grill.


While I was on the phone with a friend in manufacturing he mentioned Gardena. I have not heard much out of them in a while so I looked them up on line. There main sprayer nozzle stuff is so geometric that it is almost timeless but they also have some pretty innovative new things. I am not sure why this person is mowing a heart but it is interesting.


Made by Anchor Distilling in San Francisco. "Junipero" is a really dry gin with a mild fragrance and a touch of coriander, too. It is not too sweet but flavorful.