storage concept

Storage and space innovation comes up all the time but I have never seen this before. Pretty clever.


The couple is more elegant but he sedan is still working nicely. Interesting to see how much Audi, BMW, VW, Honda, Acura and even Volvo have moved towards similar body lines and proportions at the OPP.



Harris Teeter

I had not heard of this store before but it is pretty good. In terms of style and offering it is about half way between Whole Foods and Stop and Shop. The selection is good and the prices are ok. I think that North Carolina is one of their primary states and judging by this photo DF might have done the design.

Bills new helmet

it looks like last years throwbacks were a sign of things to come.


more refined version


It is easy to say "form follows function" but most times the problem is that that the function dictates a form that is not all that desirable or visually compelling. Here is a nice exception. The attention to finishes and complimentary colors do not hurt either.

Town of Duck

North Carolina Outer Banks



Headed to the Outer Banks



This has to be the strangest design of any of the small electric housewares leaders. The form is neither modern nor transitional and blue light (though visually compelling) does nothing to support the category and the finishes lack continuity. none of it adds up to a $100 product and yet they are the category leader. It must be the machine-like professional feel that separates it from the standard brewer and makes it work

slow cooker

The controls need more detail but the cookware style attachments and finishes more than make up for it. They make this the most desirable slow-cooker on the market even though the feature-set is a generation behind some of its competitors.

Amour Wine Bar and bistro

While in Richmond we went to this refined little wine bar. It serves two options of three course meals changing weekly with excellent wine pairing for each course. By far the best meal I have had in Richmond. Portion and presentation were uniquely perfect. Wish the rest of the team could have been there but it was a great find john.


Saw this cool old brick building from the elevated freeway in Richmond, VA. the retails and proportions were amazing, especially the roof. No idea what it is though.

The iphone 6

Saw this on design buzz. Interesting speculation about the next iphone. The main button seems like too big of a departure from the current aesthetic strategy for this to be accurate.


Go Pro

Great product but the form and details take away from the perceived value. It looks more like a plastic cover for someone elses camera than a real video camera.


Leica Safari

mini projector

A couple people have mentioned the new mini projectors recently. Very convenient size and cool form but unfortunately they do not have the power of the standard size projectors. Reminds me a little bit of when I first started presenting and we were switching over from slide projects with circular carousels to ones auto loading magazines.

Fathers Day

For Fathers Day this year Edison and I decided to go to the ER and get his finger stitched up from his first whittling wound.



According to Tome Wilson, Wright's goal in Racine was to seal off the interior from the surrounding industrial environment and provide a work space that was, as Wright said, "as inspiring a place to work in as any cathedral ever was in which to worship." Light floods the large interior space from skylights and a clerestory through tubes of Pyrex glass.

It is a lot more impressive in person, although the colors and furniture have not aesthetically held up as well as the structure.


Edison and Porker

For some reason Edison thought it would be fun to take Porky on the swing.



The song I was talking about is called Cleaning Windows. The live versions on Youtube are ok but the studio recording is better.



The only positive thing I can say about Apple's big new announcement is that icloud does seem like a nice way of encouraging people to buy all their music from itunes.


picnic table

Not the most efficient use of space but interesting materials and forms. This sort of flowing ribbon structure seems to be a trend that is gaining momentum

door handle competition

Here is another shortlisted entry in the Designboom Colombo door handle competition. I think that these guys are getting an amazing amount of value for the investment. Most of the entries are very nicely resolved and the variation in concepts is amazing. Rather than have an in-house design team Colombo might want to just sponsor these competitions, that way they only pay for the designs they want.


lunch chess

My rating has been on the decline lately but I was able to beat the computer today. I think the computer castled too quickly and did not have a good counter for Bxg6 while wasting a move to position the knight to take my rook.


Rubbertastic is the name of my current show at Carole Pecks Good News Cafe in Woodbury. This is the first series I have done in silicone rubber and it is also the only show I have designed for a specific space. The collection of about 18 pieces took a little over two years. The reception is this weekend, early word is that people are enjoying it. I achieved my goal of more adequately filling the space, I even had a couple pieces left over.


The project was conceived for the designboom and COLOMBO competition: 'hands on door handles' by John Caswell. A clever idea, not sure if it won the competition or was a part of the shortlist. Interesting to see that in this competition the winning submissions seem to be very close to production.



Making a comeback?