This is my favorite area to dive and swim in at the rockhouse. There are underwater tunnels that you can swim through and a "hidden" cove that you can swimm into and climb out of ending up in restaurant.


Ian swinging

This is Ian on the playground at the Black Rock elementary school in Thomaston. He and Edison call it danger park because of the 20 foot tall climbing tower.


Attached is an image from this afternoon at the Rockhouse swimming pool in Negril.


Coke Rewards

I have signed up for this as one of my Coke rewards. I only need about 100 more points.

The S4

new car

I am thinking about getting a new car. The beetle is starting to fall apart and I would like to get something that gives the boys a little more leg room. I also want to get something that gets reasonably good mileage. Right now it is between the infiniti M and the Audi S4 but I think that I am going to test drive a couple of Fords too.



This is the direction that I voted for in the Peugeot competition. None of the forms were all that innovative but this one seemed to be the best creatively detailed.


speaker competition

I have not seen the winners to the Aedo competition but attached is one of the entries we submitted. It was a challenging competition because of the complexity of the requirements and the scale of the product. The idea here was to indicate the 360ยบ array and create an overall look that would allow the technology to blend in with home decor. The other concept, submitted with Mike DiTullo, has an almost jewel lke treatment to the array.