This is the best non-refrigerating ice cream maker anywhere. The simple design works for the brand and looks perfect in any kitchen. Simple is the key for them and always has been. They need to carry that philosophy back to their tools and gadgets group. Note to all the design cliche lovers, the form certainly does not follow the function.

Lunch bots

Would you carry this to school?

The captain

According to a very reliable source (John) the new marvel movie about one of their more boring characters is worth seeing. He is a tough critique but surprisingly he said the effects and story were equally good. I think that they should have spent more time on the line of toys. The shield dart launcher is especially awful.


A classic in teak. Also looks great in walnut but I am not really into the oak version. Only problem is that they are not all that comfortable for laying down on and they are most comfortable in only a couple of positions. Maybe that is why the great look had little staying power.


Monday should be a good day to buy AVII with the pharma company near it's low for the year at $1.47.



If you have not seen it, check it out. Even if you do not like westerns the cast is unbelievable.

coffee maker

really enjoyable book

Manhunt is well written and highly informative but reads more like a thriller than the amazingly detailed historical account that it is.

classic saarinen


One of the interesting details is how the surface of the arch ripples in different weather conditions.

under construction

Memorial site

After the warehouses were destroyed but before construction of the memorial began. Makes me wonder what the contemporary version of this is project is...the GWB library?


The exterior is timeless but the interior is a different story.

St Louis

The arch really is impressive. More than I thought it would be based on pictures. Although I did not go on the tour the elegance of the shape contrasted against the rectangular buildings is bold, light and surprising. Designed by Finnish American architect Eero Saarinen and structural engineer Hannskarl Bandel in 1947. Funding and ideation for the land and project started in the 30's but construction was not completed until the 60's. One of the most expensive elements was re-routing the railroad.



But Dyson will not be out done when it comes to over designed and oddly positioned. Although I supposed to some extend the aesthetic position has worked since people think that Dyson vacuums are superior even though consumer reports has proven otherwise. Too bad they abandoned their color strategy on this SKU.


At least this has an aesthetic that is in keeping with the brand that is properly focused on a user/use pattern.


This shows even less restraint looking more like a movie prop from blade runner than a hand held vac.


Some of what Dyson does is easy to admire, like their monochromatic but still saturated approach to color and their careful use of textures and gloss. However the robotic, outer-space aesthetic that they helped bring to dominance in the category is as overworked and dated as it is pervasive. This example shows an imitator whose detail and form language completely lacks harmony and fails to communicate any desirable traits about the products performance.



I friend who is a merchandiser tells me that back BTS officially starts today.

from dieline


Handle Me

Conceptual cast cookware line by Simen Aarseth, Christoffer Angell and √ėyvind Wyller. Their company is called Angell Wyller Aarseth (I think). According to their website, "they are three product designers who have collaborated on several projects after they completed their master's degree in design at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in Norway summer 2010." Handle me is their name for the line.

form trend

Nivis Sink

Itay Laniado

This sickle by Itay Laniao (recently featured in Design Directory) has some inspired and interestingly coarse details. The vision is clear and focused but the overall forms fall short...except on the bow saw


This floor lamp is called Billy. It is by Kalmar and although it looks a little homemade in the photo the combination of wood and metals holds together nicely in person.


New-ish kitchen scale. The clear bowl-shaped cover flips over to provide a vessel to place things in for weighing. The measurement/read-out could be clearer but it is well done.



Here is a picture of the boys learning to shoot BB guns with their Grandpa Roy. They are already on their 2nd summer vacation.



Mike D's UPS concept.


From Glimpse

"YICK LOONG FIRECRACKER CO. MACAU-“LADY MARCO PATO” (above) - c.1950, Ornate and colorful firecracker label heavily influenced by Shanghai poster art but rendered by a relatively untrained artist. Image courtesy of the author."

The 4th

Is there a bigger waste of money than fireworks? My town does not have enough money for parks, education or roads but still had plenty for the fireworks display.


The low angle makes it look more dramatic but it is actually an impressively comfortable piece of footwear.


m hull


I flew into Norfolk, VA recently and on approach you fly low over a section of a huge US naval facility. Saw a bunch of really cool stealthy ships. One looked a lot like this one, the 88' Stiletto Stealth.

Bullitt mobile

Even the famous car chase through Pacific heights starts off slowly.


I read on line that Brad Pitt is remaking Bullitt. Seems like a mistake but not because the acting in the original was so good, more because the thing that made the original enjoyable to me is the slowness of the story. I'm not sure that could still be done and I am not sure it would work at a faster pace.

Great Support Character

An example of excellent attention to detail in character design. It looks even better in 3D.