I am sure it is impossible to avoid creating a look similar to star wars helmet but this is a little too close to a snowtrooper isn't it?

thin razor

sod hut

Tobias Weiss and Gernot Reisenhofer have designed a cool series of terraced hillside homes that save energy heating and cooling by integrating into the landscape. Nestled against the surrounding hills, each green-roofed apartment takes advantage of passive solar design, rainwater recycling, and photovoltaic sunshades. Not really a new idea (even the rendering looks retro) but it does look like it has a nice neighborhood feel.


Interesting solution but from an environmental standpoint I wonder if the elimination of the sleeve is worth the trade-off of nesting.


Lil' sugar.com recommends recording a message on these and leaving in your kids lunch for a first day of school surprise.


Neoprene lunchbag sold at TRU.

Preschool backpack

This is the perfect size for a first school pack. It is made from nylon and canvas and is lightweight at about 9 x 11.5 x 5.5 inches. Not sure about the name though, it is called Dino-mite

ice packs

These reusable ice packs we recently designed with Rubbermaid are used to keep kids lunches cool. While they are among the most simple products we have worked on they were a fun design challenge.


Great family game



Irene produced some nice puddles for the kids to ride around in. Most of the ones on our street were way deeper and muddier than these. So much water was coming down the hill that one of the neighbors kayaked down Williams street.


From the humble seed


The cottage was awesome. We hung out, fished, canoed, played a little Chess and Ian snuck a little sorbet in front of the wood stove when no one was watching...at about 2:00am.


homeaway #905547

Cool cottage aesthetic



boy and his dog

grape tomato

Grape tomatoes have arrived in massive quantities.
Too bad I have to consume them at a rate of 1 tums to every 5 tomatoes if I want to avoid heartburn.

bath toys

Designerly bath toys designed in 1969 for Trendon toys as seen on dieline.com


Jeni's ice cream cookbook

Great ( if not also complicated) recipes for dozens of interesting ice creams. So far we have made the black coffee which was excellent and we modified the vanilla to make chocolate chip for Ian. Not surprising but the key to this is patience and quality ingredients (especially the vanilla). Thanks Ann.

sagemcom sixty

The idea is there but the execution is a little too coarse and uncoordinated. The use of orange is bold but could have used a little relieve, perhaps on the surfaces in the "folded" area. The handset which is the perhaps the best feature when compared with cell phone ergonomics does not seem to relate to the body. But still, I like it.



Leica - Hermes edition?
I like the orange but the idea of a hermes edition for Leica feels to me like a Burberry edition of a ferrari.


Is kodak coming back? I don't know but at least they have stopped trying to copy Leica. Such a talented team, it is a shame that they can't seem to let go of what they want to make and focus on making things people want. The proportions here are a bit dated but still interesting.


Lillie Q

Best BBQ in chicago? I think so. Best restaurant in chicago. Not sure about that but it is pretty amazing. Just be ready to wait for a table because they do not take reservations and also plan to look for a parking place for a while.

1856 West North Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622-1535
(773) 772-5500



Dated material layering technique looks fresh when combined with the softer form and accent color. Great refresh for Zeno

Neato Robotics

This seems like an aesthetic step backwards from Roomba but the articles I read on-line seem to indicate that the suction and sensing are superior. It looks to me like the design was off to a good start but was done orthographically instead of in 3D.