PMI Aladdin

Check out what these guys are up to. They have been doing great graphics and colors but have recently stepped it up a notch all the way around.


view from the W

The is the view from my window on the 20th floor in Seattle



Great time to buy stock in Xerox. Ursala Burns has just been named The new head of Xerox Corp.
At only 50, she takes over this summer replacing Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy, 56, who told shareholders Thursday she would be retiring and picked burns as her successor. Burns climbed the corporate ladder at Xerox, beginning as a summer engineering intern in 1980 and rising to president of the printing giant in 2002. As president, Burns oversaw a large chunk of the company's operations including overseas research and development, engineering, manufacturing and marketing.
She helped to build Xerox into the world's largest maker of high-speed color printers.



I think that these guys are losing it with the form and details. This seems very disjointed and I suspect was done out-of-house. Also, here is their write up: "the KB720 features a powerful 1000 Watt motor and an extra large 60 oz capacity borosilicate glass jar. five speeds, pulse and ice crushing make this excellent for everything from smoothies to slushies. all parts except motor are dishwasher safe. includes full color recipe book."

1. 60oz is not that large.
2. Borosilicate glass is the same as Pyrex and many other glass jars. It just means it is tougher that other glass.
3. Five speedsis old news
4. All parts except the motor are DW safe? What is that?


More transformers inspired design

This is a portable emergency flashlight meant to be ultra tough. It looks to me like they are trying a little to hard to overcome the plastic housing. The would be better off toning down the form articulation and letting the material communicate the position, like Mag. Also, do they really think the logo needs to be that huge? It makes it look like a premium. I bet Ted Turner likes it though.

Polaroid Zink

This is really pretty amazing but I think that they missed a major opportunity by not imbedding a camera in it. To be able to take and print instantly is still cool other wise your just carrying a printer around aren't you? Cool name though.


Like the design team at Hitachi.

Optimus Prime

Part two will be out soon and it is sure to be an inspiration to future designers.

CCAD Alumni event

Drew was my roomate freshman and sophomore year at CCAD. He is still one of the funniest/most fun people I have ever met. He is currently the President/Owner of of Spork Design in Columbus. They do graphics, web, illustration, packaging, everything. In fact, they designed the Evo logo. This is the event where I received the Joseph Canzani Alumni Excellence Award.


Moto W233 Renew

This is the first certified Carbonfree cell phone. It was done with carbonfund.org Motorola offsets the amount of energy required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone. It also features a 100% post-consumer housing.



I still think that the forms are too Mr Magoo and that character of the vehicles are emphasizing the wring attributes.

Sprig (again)

I wrote about Sprig a while ago and failed to mention how well done the website and branding is.


See this movie

The cast is incredibly well done. The action scenes are well-done and the story is interesting.


Cool new pendants on Unicahome. But the cost $900-$2400 is out of control...especially given the look.

alarm clock

This looks like one worth getting.



Just saw Bolt, the Disney movie on DVD, with the boys. It does have some of the look and feel of Monsters Inc but without the cool color palette. It does share a few common traits like complicated real/pretend storyline, obsession with showing "life-like" fur and quirky fast-talking characters. Rhino the Hamster is the best one in Bolt.


seventies rainbow

I think this is from a few years ago. Really interesting layering, textures and colors. This looked a little busy at first but I think it is working. One thing is that the new molded EVA mid-soles that seem to be everywhere just look sloppy and imprecise to me compared to the old die-cut ones. The sheen is also inferior to the old matte look but they do seem like they are lighter and might last longer.


This is from the original comic mini-series. I think it was book one of four. I think that Frank Miller (of Sin City and 300 fame) maybe have been involved in the cover art. Anyway the Wolverine character and origin has been transformed from the comic into a joke in the latest movie. Not only is the acting lame and the cast underdeveloped but the action scenes are even weak. It may be time to move some money out of their stock (MVL) which stayed strong through the last few months but should take a hit from this dog of a movie and then bounce back up after Ironman 2.



Annemarie knew from the description below that the bird I was seeing is the magpie. Interesting because I always thought magpies's were all black like Heckle and Jeckle.


Yellow-headed blackbird

This one is cool but I could not get a picture of the best bird I have seen in Montana. It is big, and mostly black but with big patches of white and a little blue on its long straight tail. If you read this and know what bird it is please let me know.

Western Meadowlark (Montana state bird)

This yellow is much brighter in person

Purple Martin

Montana birds


Big Timber

This is the timber bar in Big Timber. Very fine steak hoagie and steak fries.