Get Back

This is a detail of one of the many cool pieces I saw today at lunch at Get Back Inc. The scale of their work is impressive and so is their attention to details and finishes.



Our friends made the colander in tangerine


Classic DiTullo form work and sketch style. This should be made as a piece of sculpture.


Doing a little case research for a project today and came across this neoprene iphone case. I am not sure that the form is very functional but it is a good look. Although it feels like it is water-proof it is not and I bet that disappoints.


opening day

It was opening day of fishing season this weekend. Saw about a hundred people fishing on the small beach at Black Rock State Park. I enjoy fishing but not so much when it is that crowded. The details and finishes of this reel are make me think it would make a great larger scale sculpture
Salt and Pepper mills found on Unicahome designed by Richard Sapper (I think). The simple form is working but the button form and color seem arbitrary.


April vacation

Here are the boys at Battleship Cove on a hot April Monday.


Pale Dog

Simple, clean and familiar but also unique and interesting

Zuzu's Petals



These spun forms work so nicely that even though they do not work in every decor they seem timeless. The problem is that they do not translate well to other products because the finish usually falls short.

outdoor furniture

Interesting, creative woven base. Great new interpretation of a classic for outdoor furniture even if it does not look that comfortable. Unicahome


R8 2012

Has to be the best designed car on the market today. Only problem with it is that with those proportions and details the car is pretty much begging to be pulled over.

Opel Enigma

Jaguaresque proportions cool detailing and classic stance.