I wonder what the inspiration was for this stadium concept?


I just saw this diagram on the Manifold design website. It looks like they are doing something different here. Really nice innovative and clear diagram.

Black and decker

Mentioned in previous post.


This is a fine interpretation/adaptation of a group of emerging form and detail trends beings seen first in auto a few years ago and now in consumer electronics and (surprisingly) hardware. Hardware's showing is especially noteworthy because we traditionally think of them as following the auto trends by several years and more specifically, following electronics interpretation of the trend rather than forming their own. This can be seen well in the B&D VRX. The individual elements include: a renewed emphasize on tactile textures, contrasting colors, soft-blocky forms and use of conics over splines.



It is a shame to see honda getting sucked down the same hole as so many of the other companies trying to create an irreverent form language that is more vehicle for personal expression than for life. If they would stop trying to find a gimmick to appeal to the younger demographics and pay attention to wants they would be way better off. And, It looks like that are cutting and pasting the details of other concepts into this...and cheesing off of the 021 too. Oh and unless they are going to be selling Clinique I think the color is off.



still works

Aside from the patterns and the ground clearance I think that this might become timeless.

on the go

This new product from Rubbermaid has some noteworthy details. The flip away spout-cap is especially interesting as is the use of the classic bulging form. Even molded-in as a texture break, I am not sure that the extra large logo is working and I am not sure that the Graves-esque color is going to have the mass appeal they usually look for...I have not seen the Kiwi color in person but I am sure it is better than the pale blue.


Arteaga GT Coupe

Former Rolls Royce boss Klaus Dieter Frers and a team of auto-industry experts have developed the new Artega GT Coupe. The car, which will be officially unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, is the same size as Volkswagen’s small Polo hatch.

The car’s lines were penned by none other than former Aston Martin designer, Henrik Fisker, while its running gear was developed by former Porsche technical designer Hardy Essig. Production will start in November this year at a plant in Delbrueck, Germany, with sales expected to begin in the middle of next year.

The creators hope to sell the car in markets as diverse as the US, Eastern Europe, Japan, Asia and in the Middle East, however, sales will be limited to Germany initially. Only 500 units will be constructed per year, and according to Auto Motor und Sport, it should sell for roughly $100,000. I think that I will get two, one for each of the boys.

Oval Doufeu

I think that I am going to have to get one of these and try it out. Here is what it says on the Le Creuset website: While the clever design of our self-basting oven will impress guests, the entrée taste and tenderness will leave them in awe. Smart yet simple, the top of the lid cradles ice cubes. As condensation forms, tiny dimples on the underside evenly baste your roast or poultry. The technology will mean the difference between "good" and "spectacular". It sounds a little to me like something James Lipton would say. Can't wait to try it out.


dining experience

This image comes to me courtesy of Jim and Cindy. It shows a table full of people eating a gourmet meal while listening to a small band. Apparently the food is prepared in the center area while everyone enjoys the view. Although it looks like an excellent experience...it also makes me wonder what happens if one has to use the bathroom.

Digidesign Mbox2

It probably makes the handle a little more important than it really wants to be but overall I think this is working. I think that it could also be a little more high tech in its detailing.

Good Design

The Newson-like metal framing gives this a nice hint of quality and construction while the planar forms hints at limitless adjustability. Nice attributes. The furniture/tabletop nature of the detailing also gives this an approachable look without looking low-tech. Though the result is visually complex and little retro I still think it works. The only criticism I have is that they borrowed a bit too heavily from the team at Apple.


Hall of Fame

Will Andre make it to Canton this year? With fifteen exceptional years working across the middle I sure hope so. The announcement is scheduled for 4:30 when the sports writers announce the 5-7 selections for 2008.