I do not think that the materials are really working here they seem too cold to me for butter. But the soft simple overall form is classic.


This Tupperware version seems contemporary and classicly simple.

another butter

I think that the base on this one is insulated to keep the butter cold longer...a neat feature but an even better feature might be to make a butter dish and lid out of sustainable materials.

butter dish

I had been looking for a good butter dish for over a year when I received one as a gift. When I was looking I was surprised by how lame the options are at retail.


This is over 50 years old and it is the best of the bunch.


holiday gift idea #2 (again)

Because you asked, here is another picture of holiday gift idea number two. Designed here at Evo by Mike, Julia, Taesuk and Mohan. I think it makes a great stocking stuffer.

holiday gift idea #5

Ok, this may be a bit pricey and difficult to get someone as a gift but the simplicity is cool and it is still less than the watch below. Karl V, I think that this would look great in your place.


DiTullo and I did a concept just like this about 8 years ago for Timex. They might have made it they thought that they could get this kind of money for it. I wonder what the annual volume is on this? I know that the volumes are surprisingly high on the name brand lux timepieces but this lacks both the name and the detailing to justify the price. This is why it is not a holiday gift suggestion.



holiday gift idea #4

These are the matchers. Part of the new Brightlings line from Leapfrog Toys. They are more fun than webbles and more stimulating than duplo, that is why they are gift idea number four. I think that they are good for any age but the manufacturer suggests under two. By the way, I think that the colors and textures will be even better in the next generation. Photo by Marshall Troy.

holiday gift idea #3

Strida, the world's simplest folding bike, lightweight & ultra-portable. designed in england by Mark sanders.
The upright design along with the 16” wheels makes for a smooth and comfortable ride, ideal for maneuvering through traffic and crowds. the strida is engineered to fold up in 6 seconds making it convenient to transport. you will find the strida bike a fun, interesting and practical addition to your leisure life or daily commute. You can get one on Unicahome for $800 and yes, they do come in pink.

holiday gift idea #2

The latest food storage vessel from our good friends at Recyclne. It will be available soon at Whole foods. Other than the aesthetic what makes it worth getting? Check out the following http://www.lazyenvironmentalist.com/pages/2007/10/and_the_green_d.php


This is some preliminary color strategy work for the Pocket rockit. Our friends at CTECH have rolled out a really nice looking new price/line strategy. The original form work was done by Michael DiTullo. If you play electric guitar or know someone that does and are looking for a gift idea, check out http://www.pocketrockit.com/Products.htm

Serious episode

On saturday and sunday mornings Ian and I almost always get up early and watch Batman and Superman. As you can see it is very serious.


Here is Edison in the playscape at "Danger Park". This weekend they were sharpeninf sticks from the woods with their cousins and throwing them like spears at the plastic dinosaur on the playground.


Golden Gate Park Garden

This is not a very good photo but it is a glimpse into the really pleasant atmosphere of the Japanese Gardens in the Golden Gate Park. It is not a huge space but before the crowds arrive it is worth a visit.



Great place for Sake and sushi.



This is the Piuma flatware by Enzo Mari. I think that Piuma means feather in Italian?

point reyes lighthouse

The drive up from SF was long but totally worth it. The gnarly wind swept trees and vegetation make the penninsula look a little like Ireland and the lighthouse on the cliffs is amazing. Not sure I would walk down all of the steps again though.


The Hong Kong trip was postponed! I saw a lot of interesting things in SF including these rings at the MOMA gift shop which is right around the corner from the hotel. What a fun city. The conference was the usual stew of disorganization, nepitism and arrogance. It was great to see the Tesla in person.



I am taking a small portion of the evo show on the road. For the next couple of days Mike, Annemarie and I will be in San Francisco meeting with clients, prospects and hopefully couple of retail buyers. (I am crossing my fingers that they do not cancel.) From there I am traveling to Hong Kong with Mr. Anand Khubani for a week of long meetings with some of our manufacturing partners in China. There will also likely be a couple of jokes about exactly why King Kong went to Hong Kong. Will this be the trip that launches EvoCHINA? I doubt it. I think that we are going to drag our feet for a while longer on that one but we are making progress. It seems that we have finally found a way to consistently add real value to process they use without the truck load of communications issues. I will try to update from the road but it will be difficult...if anyone has any specific requested, questions or things they would like to see posted just let me know. One thing I am looking forward to about this trip is a meeting we have set up with a high profile transportation manufacturer at a place called Harlot.


Excuse the horrible picture. I just saw one of these containers and it is pretty cool. PLA, or polylactic acid, is a renewable resource-based resin produced by isolating the starch stored in corn kernels and converting that to sugars. Through a process of fermentation and polymerization, carbon and other elements in these natural sugars are used to make NatureWorks® PLA.


Aaron's top ten movies

Godfather One and Godfather Two
Reservoir dogs
Glengarry Glen Ross
Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2
The Killing fields
Saving Private Ryan
Midnight Run

more measuring cups

I like the stealth bomber facting. I hear a lot about that becoming popular again along with deconstructive detailing. I am not sure I see that happening in any flavor beyond the BMW neo-flamed edge detailing.

measuring cups

I think that sometimes the hardest projects are the simple ones. Specifically the projects where you want the outcome to be intuitive, minimal and natural not forced. Here are some interesting examples of people trying to do something innovative with measuring cups.



This cabinet series is really great looking. Especially the wood tones...although I think that they may want to consider slightly increasing the width and they could use the assistance of our photo genius Marshall Troy. Of course, this may be the perfect dimensions for urban apartments. I love the simplicity.

Lazy Environmentalist

Our exceptional PR person arranged for me to speak to the lazy envirnmentalist today on his Sirius satellite radio program. http://www.lazyenvironmentalist.com/ While we were talking he mentioned another company that he owns or chairs or something. they have some really cool looking eco-friendly furniture that does not look recycled. http://www.vivavi.com/



I posted a question on core77 a few weeks ago asking the designers on the site to post pictures of cutlery that they find functionally or aesthetically interesting/exceptional. They specifically suggest that cylindrical handles are not pleasant.



Even with the horrible name this seems like it is really worth checking out. Two questions come to mind: how can they sell these for under $15? Does anyone ouside the Carolinas think that blue color looks good?


I take the boys to ToysRus once a month (except at Christamas) and let them get whatever they want for $20 or less. Edison always picks Legos and This month Ian decided to get the WOLVERINE costume. He also insisted on wearing it to fridays afterwards which everyone at Fridays really seemed to enjoy.