galaxy case

More difficult to do than you might think. Especially trying to balance recognizability, whimsy, functionality and design


Color combination aside this is still striking.  Although the form feels a little top heavy this is still more contemporary and more compelling than most of what is on the market today.  I think it is the simplicity and smooth transitions that make it work so well.  I saw it on tumbler



AM picked up one of these at a trunk sale in the cotswolds and I used it last night.  The ergonomics are a little off but the hollow handle stays fairly cool.  The proportions are excellent and the exterior flame finish is still amazing considering it is 50 years old.  Most importantly the cook surface still deglazes perfectly.



i like the photo and the ID is cool but the thicknesses of the padding and visor will result in an oversized helmet that can be cumbersome to wear for long rides.  Still, the form breaks for the branding and ventilation are working.


Here is Edison building in Lubec.  
They could have spent all day playing with the rocks on the beach.


Zynga (znga) stock hit under $2.80 today.  Traditional valuation is slightly over double that and many analysts have the value at around $6.  With the market at a 4 year high today I normally wouldnt buy but this one is tempting.  Same with CMFO.



I rented one of these for the annual trip to Buffalo. It has some strange features and a high tech dashboard but the thing drives like a giant slab of spongy wet playdoh.