Another concept. This one is by Jerome Olivet. Original form work, nicely rendered and presented but maybe a bit overworked.

stealth can

Concept for a faceted coke can by Dzmitry Samal. Interesting form but the branding is weak.


Elsa Moras

Cool paper art. Not sure what the scale is but the detail is impressive. An interesting presentation challenge.



Post-it note reminders. I think that I could use these but I was surprised to find them on the core77 site. It is interesting to see how the site has followed a product selection trajectory sort of similar to the MoMa store.


bike grip

Safe sippy

Nice example of giving a product the feel of a character without actually sculpting and decorating it like a character.



The perspective is a little wanked but the idea is cool. Kids t-shirt


This Westin is located in the Detroit airport. The restaurant and rooms are ok but it is has a dedicated security line into the terminal, a fun view of the runway from the rooms, and the huge reflecting pool in the atrium is dedicated to their former design director. You don't see that every day.


Cool sign in dowtown Saginaw


out of balance

Great idea, obviously inspired by the over-sized Bell & Ross. The colors are just a bit out of balance and the circles are a little too memphis for me.



There are a few movies that I watch almost every time I come across them on TV. Blade runner of course. And Kung Fu hustle is one of them. Enemy of the State too. And of course Kill Bill 1 and 2. The imagery and acting are great even if the story is a little sluggish in spots. But my favorite element is the soundtrack; it reminds me of watching Kung Fu when I was in grade school. It was on Spike tonight.

best fast food burger

If we are talking fast food only, it has to be the Sonic Burger. Although you have to eat them fast because they tend to get a little sloppy.


Another great feeder by Eva Solo.


There is a lot to see in Iowa besides the filming location of "Field of Dreams". Especially interesting to me are all of the nicely branded Deere products.

Moffitt Houses of Iowa city

Moffitt, who built more than 100 homes in the Iowa City area, was not a contractor, he says, but an entrepreneur who hired out-of-work craftsmen for $1 per day to build the homes, which he then rented.

Because some building supplies were scarce during the Depression era, Moffitt often used salvaged wood, stones and other recycled materials.


decorative tape

As seen on Etsy.com. The set includes one yellow flowers with orange and green accent, one green foliage, and one red flowers with green stems. They are 15mm wide. Each roll is 5 feet long. They look great with newspaper wrapping.

Hannah's breakfast

This was Hannah's breakfast at Rudys last week. It was so big that I bet they lost money on it.


sketch up

Edison is building a town in sketch up. He told me that he had a friend build a similar town and zoom out so far that he could not find the town again. I think the program is google sketchup



I think that most of these custom bikes are over-worked to the point of becoming cartoons but once in a while one shows restraint and it seems like they are usually the most successful. This one was done for a raffle.

Cape Cod

Great visit to the cape but depressing to see so many businesses boarded-up and buildings for sale. I imagine the turn over is usually high but this seemed extreme. 28 Atlantic was doing a lot of business though and they have amazing service.


Don't let the Patriots fans scare you away. If you are on Cape Cod anywhere near Harwichport try Ruggie's for breakfast but don't go for the eating challenge called "the Duke". Apparently 128 men and 2 women have tried it and only 5 have finished.