Hotal Gault Lobby


After a few days of extraordinary French cuisine we decided to have supper at Stash (pronounced like it rhymes with mosh not like it rhymes with mash). I had the pierogi and latke, everything was grand...they have a saying at Stash that everything is better with Vodka even Vodka.

Mont-Royal Park

A really interesting collection of fun, nice drummers, dancers and oth people that happen to be very similar to those at Golden Gate Park.


Hotel Gault Montreal

Just got here. The rooms are great and the city is really terrific. John Malkovich is staying in the Hotel. I have to admit that I thought it would be cooler (temperature wise). It is about 90º today.



My iphone is here. I will let you know how the installation goes.


These kind of products that straddle the line between environment and product are some of the most interesting projects.


This is Starck's line of disposable plasticware. The cross-sections are interesting although the reinforcements and gates kind of ruin the clean form. Also, the flashing on the spoons edge is a little disappointing. Even with all of the disappointing details it is still the best thing out there...and the packaging is great.

Not sure who sent me this

I am not sure who sent me this but I have had it on my desktop for a while and it has been very inspiring. When I look at this I wonder what it must have been like to have been on this project. Did they know that they were creating a classic? Were they aware that they were creating something that would be admired for so long? I guess that there is no way they could have known the value they were generating. How much was concensus and comprimise? I wonder the same thing when I watch the Godfather.


pesky pole

Thanks to a generous client I had great seats for last nights game against the White Sox. As you can see from the photo the view is really perfect. Even with the 2 hour rain delay the place was packed.



I just received a set of these. Interesting feel to the product although the form lacs refinement and fatigues easily they are better than the alternative.


Hot tub

This weekend it was about 95º but because the boys pool is in the shade the water has never warmed up. I filled this tub with Hot water and set it out side the kitchen door and in about 5 minutes the boys had both jammed themselves into it. The water was really quite hot so I was surprised when they stayed in for about a half hour.


This seems like an interesting "new" design direction for this category. It reminds me a little of the form work that Oakley and Nike were doing back in the 90's.Too bad that the price point is so out of control.


also this

test drive

I am thinking of lessening my mpg requirements and testing this.