Finn Juhl's Poet sofa

Tough to tell from a photo but the thing that makes this piece unique are the scale and proportions

Dominoes online

The commercials are true, dominoes pizza really has improved a lot. Still, it seemed silly to order pizza and subs online but I have tried it a couple of times and it is actually better than calling it in. They show you all of the options that are available for each item including some toppings and sauces I might not have thought of and you can pay for it on line too. They also have a progress tracker that tells you the status of your order, approximate delivery time and drivers name. Oh and it finds the nearest location for you automatically.




Saw one of these in the hotel room next to ours...I guess that the travellers brough it with them? They must love toast as much as I do. Toast aside it looks like Breville has run out of form ideas and decided to go counter-trend with an even more complicated interface. It is a statement but the faux commercial stance does not seem like a credible one for Breville. They need to integrate a bit of surprise and elegance.

More Beaches


Beaches Boscobel 2

I was hoping that this would be the year that the kids preferred the ocean over the pool but the beach here is so lame that I can not blame them for choosing the incredibly over-crowded pools. One nice thing about the place is that the coffee is good.

Beaches Boscobel

April vacation with the boys in Jamaica. We saved for this all year and skipped Christmas presents to make this happen. They are having a great time with their cousins and enjoying some extra freedom but this place is a rip off and even they recognize that this is not really a property consistent with the Beaches brand. The beach area is tiny and extremely crowded. The water park has about 12 tubes that are being shared by a few hundred kids and the rooms are dated and poorly maintained. The place would be a good deal at 1/3 the price with half the people. Worst of all they know the place is not right. When I spoke to the SSG manager and said that the property was a disappointment she didn't even seem the slightest bit surprised. Too bad we are stuck here.


design classic

Tom, remember talking about classic product design assignments? Just thought of this one, the chess set. Not quite in the same league as the others we mentioned: toaster, drill, blender, forklift, watch, stapler, pencil sharpener, etc. but interesting. I worked on a set that DiTullo designed a few years ago but we never actually made one. Now that Edison and I are playing it would be fun to go back and try the assignment again. We play with an old hand-made marble set (thanks Lisa) but I do the tactics every morning on Gameknot:
Play chess online

stacked leather handle


Cool material/finish break


IH titan 1.0

This is one of the original Titans

IH Titan

This Titan harvester image came up when I was searching for images of the case company's product line. This is made by International Harvester. IH is one of those companies that first used ID and remains a company that almost every designer wants to work with, what a history. And look at that front wheel.

Titan Case

Talking about Titan; manufacturer of a variety of equipment cases similar to Pelican. While designerly the outer shape seems foreign to both the task and the contents. The carbon fiber texture brings it back into the right zone but I wonder about the impact strength.


Greg, This is chief Cochise. According to wikipedia the name means "oak".



Nice graphical feel to this Danish inspired design. The knife looks weak



Ian and Porky lounging in the sun



Joseph McGurl b. 1958
The Climb, Tuckerman's Ravine, 2000
Oil on canvas
36 x 24 inches


Given the volume of edamame consumption I usually see I think that this must be a personal sized vessel. But still it is an appealing and simple combination forms that work together to create a purpose. The designers at Joseph and Joseph have a bunch of examples of this in their line. It must be part of their NPD mandate.


light bulbs

There are a whole bunch of these creative new bulbs on the market. its interesting that they have all taken the same approach.


Not really sure who this would appeal to but it is clever and impressive that a brand would follow-thru on the idea.


color info graphic

Lou I thought that you might enjoy seeing this. It has some of the color theory information we started talking about. Although it does not answer the bigger question of why specific hues evoke the emotions and reactions they do. It does provide interesting information.


360ยบ playscape

student housing

Great idea but an unsophisticated choice of colors