100% electric

It comes in orange. It offers a mobile recharging package. It also has a 200+ mile single charge radius. I think that this is going to be my next car...I am going to start saving for it now.


No puppies

For those who have asked, there are no puppies being purchased because we already have a dog.

Pre-Birthday celebration

As part of the prebirthday celebration we visited the petstore.


K4 Tetra

I am not sure about the release button detailing but I think that the rest of this is working. I like the variation in handle diameter.



I drove one of these as a rental car several years ago in LA and everything they say in the movie about the driving experience is true. Although I can not say I was able to peel-out. "Who killed the electric car" is really worth watching even though it is very annoying and somewhat depressing.


I would like to work with these guys on a new line of cleaning tools. From their website, they seem like they have an apetite for design and I think there is an opportunity to create a higher value by clarifying the aesthetic and improving the niche functionality.

Serious advice

In an effort to offer some real advice to the tiny group that occassionally stops by my blog here is my list of people that you should avoid going drinking with if you have anything that you need to accomplish the following day. If it can not be helped at least don't try to do it without a chaperone. These people do not know moderation:

Don Bryce, Mike and Orla, Mike Kaharski, Luke Szymanski, Tom Kier

time to upgrade

I should probably just hang on to the old weber but I saw this on sale and was thinking that maybe it is time to upgrade. It is a little more industrial and modern than I would like, given my house style but it is pretty cool.


solar powered fiber optics

What is the cost of the cables? This seems like a really cool way to achieve lighting effects. They have used this technique in toys for years. Basically the end of the cable is exposed to sunlight on the roof and then runs to where ever the light is needed. I wonder how many builders could do this?


Maybe the pattern (see below) does not have to totally contradict the planer aesthetic. Maybe it could be something like this one from Zutano?


Really interesting use of materials and color. For $1850.00 plus shipping I think that these guys would have a lot more sales if they would integrate a little more softness through patterning...even if it was just in the linens in the photos. This would help people visualize this in their home.


Even better example

At least it does look powerful.

Science and Fiction

Several clients have referenced Dyson recently so I thought that I would post this. Not only are the commercials annoying but the designs seem to be self-congratulatory science fiction. The details remind me more of what Han Solo might want on the millenium falcon than what a person might want to see on a cleaning product. The insanely bloated $500+ price tag is probably necessary for this monument to Polycarbonate because as a vacuum they are quite lame. According to consumer reports " ...in measured testing, Dyson doesn't significantly outperform others when it comes to cleaning carpet or bare floors." That means that at 1/5th of the price of a Eureka you get a better performing product! Yikes. Also, while I agree it is cool, why do we want to see our dirt?



I wonder if I could buy a Mercury? I am trying to imagine myself in one and it is not easy. One went passed me on the highway the other day and I think it looks great.


uncle Luke's

Here is a picture of Ian and his Cousin Michel/Andrew from our recent trip to see my brother and his family in New Bedford.

Benjamin Hubert

These are really appealing but I think that they could beenfit from a texture break.


Here is what drives me crazy about NPR. They ran a story on the new plug and drive Volt that GM is developing. They have it at a 40 miles radius off of batteries with the motor needed only for charging. It is still a ways away from commercialization but is getting a lot of R&D dollars. Now, I think this is what we all want GM to be spending money on but rather than celebrate the effort NPR has to dig up some MIT battery expert who proceeds shoot holes in GM's optimistic predictions for the battery. They are so pompous and self rightous it is unbelievable. I think that they only people they think are doing any good are themselves.


Your Buffalo Bills

I got the satellite and the new TV set up in time to watch the rookies out-play the over-paid veterans and see the Bills start 2007 with the same irritating lack of grit that they started 2006. It is hard to describe how painful it is to watch them let a game like this slip away by giving up a rushed field goal with 1 second left on the clock. It is hard to imagine a worse passing game. It was almost like they were waiting to lose. Still it was great to watch the Bills play a little fall football.


activity center

Edison wanted to try out the Graco Entertainer...when I asked if he was too big he said he thought the entertainer was too small.


Here is the puppy that Ian wants to get. Of course there is no chance that will ever happen but he does like to go visit the puppy every now and then.

open house

Ian siting at Edison's desk.

1st day of school

Here are pictures from the first day of school and the open house last night. Ian told me that they sit across the hall from each other in seats that allow them to look out the window and see each other across the hall.



That JSS site reminded me in some ways of the style that an old collegue of mine uses. There are a lot of excellent renderings on his website and some exceptional projects.

more Sargent

John Singer Sargent

These images are from jssgallery.org. They have about 1000 works from John Singer Sargent on line. The range and depth of his work is amazing and the description of his process is excellent.


dizzy dragon

An all new comapny put on the Thomaston carnival fund raiser this year and one of the shiny new rides was this, the Dizzy Dragons. Edison and Ian chose the green one and here we are inside a giant 10' fiberglass dragon spinning ourselves senseless. By the time it was done we were all on the verge of vomitting.


Maybe someone over there got a deal on injection molded plastic packaging? It is tough to understand the rationale behind such a complicated and bulky package for software. Maybe they say that it helps employ tool makers? Or maybe they think people want to display their software on bookshelves?



My Dad just told me that now is a good time to buy and plant your tree peonies. One of the countries largest peony farms is in my town but at about $75 each I do not think that I am going to be geting too many. This photo reminds me of the Alessi image a few posts ago.

citadelle gin

I have yet to try this but I placed an order at KC's package store today. I believe it is French and it consistently comes in 1st or 2nd on the gin drinkers guides. I hope it is worth the $40.

Amy Butler

Speaking of color and pattern. Amy Butler is one of the best references for both domestic and international uses. Consistently some of the most compelling and unique color work anywhere. www.amybutlerdesign.com


Interesting use of color and pattern. It would be very distinctive to see this approach brought to JP soft goods. I think a softer version with a little better use of white would work well.


Everyone likes at least some of the Alessi products. I think that the attached an interestingly simple example but an even better example of how photography can make good designs look great. What or who is Alessi?

Alessi was founded in 1921 to produce tableware products primarily in metal. In 1935, Carlo Alessi (born 1916) son of Giovanni, was named design chief. In 1945 he ascended to chief executive and designed the coffee service Bombé, an industrial piece manufactured in four sizes. That same year Carlo's younger brother, Ettore Alessi joined the company as a technician.
By the 1980s, Alberto Alessi took over the management of Alessi and launched the Alessi company into the design decade through collaborations with designers and architects such as Ettore Sottsass, Richard Sapper, and Achille Castiglioni.

Among the best known of the company's product range are Richard Sapper's kettle with a two-tone whistle, Michael Graves' kettle with the bird shaped whistle, and Philippe Starck's Juicy Salif citrus squeezer.
In 2006, the company reclassified its products under three lines: A di Alessi (products with lower price points), Alessi (the main collection) and Officina Alessi (the most experimental and limited edition pieces). 2006 also saw the opening of Alessi's first New York City flagship store in SoHo.