Edison and I have been playing Chess instead of monopoly lately. He has a great tutorial/workout program on his DSXL and beat me the other night so I figured that I had better start practicing. I joined Chess.com. It is enjoyable and one game where my play does not improve when drinking.


Regarding the mention of the acrylic pieces not being as bold a material statement, I guess I was using the ceramic pieces in the collection as the baseline John.

Eva Solo

It turns out that the name of this piece is Smiley. i think that I liked it better before I knew the name. Maybe it sounds better in Danish.



I also like this bowl/tray by Eva Solo. The finishes are excellent even if the price is not.

Eva Solo

Products by Eva Solo are all over Copenhagen. This bird feeder is one of my favorites, although there are others in the line that make better material statements. Eva Solo is a Danish company organized in 1997 on the basis of the manufacturer with a sixty-year history. The main objective of the company – to find and implement the best design ideas and solutions. The design center of EvaSolo is a danish design duo – Henrik Holbaek and Claus Jensen.

Pork Chop

Pork Chop has taken a lot of abuse for his bizarre look and abrasive attitude. Perhaps the thing we hear most frequently is that he looks like a bat. Specifically, a fruit bat. So I thought I would take a look.



The flowers along the top corner of the driveway had flowered while I was away. I was not expecting these to be this vibrant or abundant.

Anselm Kiefer

I also had the opportunity to go to The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which is about and hour north of Copenhagen. Lots of great work there. Most memorable was the Anselm Kiefer collection. The works are enormous and a little intimidating but provocative. (Thanks Henrik and the entire Lund-Larsen family for a fun day.)

Anne-Sofie Madsen

Another design drawing by Anne-Sofie. Across the departments at DKDS one of the impressive things is how they have managed to keep the artist aspects of the work in the design departments


The Danish Design School in Copenhagen did not disappoint. One especially pleasant surprise was how good the fashion work is. Shown here is a design by Anne-Sofie Madsen (I think).


After the drinking this was the building I used to find my way back to the hotel. As long as I kept it on my right and headed toward the water I kept from getting lost. As you can tell from the sky, it was always about to rain.

inside Cafe Monten

I am not sure how these people are able to drink so much without eating more. The only food they had was hard boiled eggs with oregano and salt on them. Not the greatest smell for a small basement bar but very friendly people.

Cafe Monten

Not far from the hotel I stayed at is a small basement level bar called cafe Monten. A guy was in there singing super loudly but another was quick to buy me a shot which made the singing more charming. A fun group of welcoming locals who were all singing and carrying on and did not seem very open to new people until the fourth or fifth drink when we all left and went to the next place.

inside Bo-bi

It is tough to pull off green carpet and red velvet wallpaper but it works in here. the beer (no. 17) seems to me to go very poorly with Akvavit but worth a try.

Bo-bi bar

Pronounce Bo-bee this is said to be the oldest pub in the city. It is tiny and has great character but since they did not serve food I was limited in how much drinking I could do there. Very comfortable place to meet and talk and sketch and no one thinks anything of having six beers before noon.


Back in the office today. Saw lots of inspired design in Copenhagen, went to great antique shops, a wonderful gallery and met some really nice people. This highly photographed strip is super touristy but still fun and full of characters from all over.


Better Days

Great piece by Julie Taggart. Dean at CCAD. If you have been to this part of the country you know that she not only captured the look of it but the feel, charm and emotion too.


box creations

Brad Anderson just sent me a link to this design that is part of a corrugated structures line he has been working on.

kids desk

I think that I have drawn this design on a few projects. It is easy to sketch but hard to execute.


Nice find Mike http://www.ora-ito.com/


boom boom pow

This is a snapshot from the black eyed peas video. It almost looks like a pulsating alien rubic's cube. It's a fun video and one of the boys favorite songs - they love the synthesized voice.

white rabbit ale

I have not tried the beer but the graphic is a nice departure from both the Magic hat inspired stuff and all of the text heavy packages. The graphic is detailed and fussy but has a nice organic feel and makes the standard pack look different and higher end.


It looks like the concept rendering is close to the real thing. (This is from the apple home Apple home page.)The idea of connectivity/modularity on these is interesting but I am not sure what it gets you beyond a cool, modular aesthetic.


fish "bowl"

New fish bowl design available on Unicahome


Do they still make these?


This is one of the paintings in the series I am working on for a show in May. It is silicone rubber over acrylic on canvas and measures 36" X 36". For this show I am hoping to have a lot to choose from when we hang it so that I can attempt to treat it more like a unified collection than I was able to do in my two previous shows. the difficult thing is finding the space to view all of the work at once.

instinctive brand

Lifetime take-back, 100% percent recycled.


Designed by modern architect Tim Boyle, the Emerson house is 3/4" scale and is billed as "the perfect home for the modern family." measuring 30" x 21" x 18", the dollhose features six rooms, including a living room, kitchen, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom and child's bedroom.
the new modern house has solar panels which powers LED lights throughout the building- and the construction uses non-toxic and lead-free stains and paints. super-cool clear stairwell, too.


I think that this is just a mock-up but if it is close to reality it has a chance of making the shuffle relevant and desirable again. Even if they are now calling it the nano, this small square-ish format with the clip still seems more like a redo of the shuffle to me and it seems to eliminate the biggest problem with the shuffle, no display.

First Day of School

September 2nd seems a little late to be starting school but today is the day. It is supposed to be 100ยบ so the boys decided to wear shorts. Edison likes to button the top button and generally I think that Ian is the more excited of the two. Cute to see that they sat next to each other once they got on the bus.