christmas present

Merry Christmas. My good friends at Ideavillage got me the new ipod shuffle for Christmas. I just loaded it up and I think that I am really going to enjoy it...I just have to edit out some of the lame songs from my playlist. The first song I heard on it was Eva Cassidy singing the Tennesee Waltz. If you have not heard her before and like mellow vocal heavy music, I highly recommend it.



Scholastic interiors.


gift idea

If anyone is looking for a good gift fidea this year, maybe you will send a check of any size to CCAD. It will be tax deductible, I think. You can send it to the address below. Happy Holidays.

Lucy Godman
Columbus College of Art & Design
107 North Ninth Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215



I was doing some Christmas shopping and came across this. We have the blue version here in the studio but I think this colorway is better.

Corian Competition

This is one of the winners from the Corian competition, by Scott Wilson. Exceptional idea I am glad that it was recognized by the jury. A lot of the other enries seem pretty weak but overall this seems like the best year for this competition. It is really annoying that they took so long to announce the winners. The results can be seen at http://www.designboom.com/contest/view.php?contest_pk=12&item_pk=9276&p=1


Goshen Fair

These are my boys, Edison(6) and Ian(4) at the Goshen Fair. They loved the fair this year. Although neither one of them wanted to get their shoes muddy they both climbed close to the top of the climbing wall.


youth electronics

While thinking about what the next wave of color will be I put this palette together one morning when I was too hung-over to focus on paying client projects. Once red has past I think saturated accents with a drop or two of white will in. I see them being used in a minimal 80's athletic way, with contrasting greys and black.

christmas gift

My good friend Mike DiTullo (www.michaelditullo.com)recently sent me this 2D/3D shelf from bludot (www.designpublic.com). It is a punched and powder coated sheet that ships flat. You bend it into the magazine rack shown here yourself. The color and finish are great.

In case the previous posts left you wondering what the Ford GT looks like, here it is. I have not sat in one but I hear that it is actually pretty roomy. I also checked ebay a few months ago and one was listed for $160K. I think it might be worth it but I am not sure where I would put Edison and Ian's car seats.

gift idea

These flavors are unusual and really exceptional although I think the scale is a little off. www.richart-chocolates.com

new car

Buying a new car takes me forever. I keep thinking that there has to be some way for me to get Evo to lease me a Ford GT but until I can work that out I am thinking that it is time to trade in the beetle for this. Not in red.

If I owned an ipod

Some good friends of mine visited from Ohio this weekend. During the visit my lack of ipod came up in several conversations. They own a chunk of stock in Apple, so I am not sure their motivation is pure but they made an interesting case for the value of staying with the times. I just can't imagine when I woud use one. Over half of the people in the studio own one and in the office Mike Mennone DJs from his playlist every day. So, it is not that I do not see the benefit of the product. I am just not sure it is for me. Normally, I would be happy to be one of those who not have one but I guess I am rethinking this based on the comments of another good friend. He has become increasingly proud of his lack of a cell phone...and I do not want to start sounding like that.


first post

We just received a few of these Bose companion speakers in the studio and hooked them up. They sound great and it is really exciting to see something we have done with these guys hit the shelves.


My First Post

A good place to start.