Saw this on Gizmodo. It is a stretcher concept, designed by Morten Wagener. The idea is to make it easy to transport patients down stairs using caterpillar tracks on the side bars. It appears to be a good, low-cost alternative to the segway-like gyro balanced solutions I have seen, like the ibot. An ambitious conceptual project and an "ID classic" but the color and the centerless wheels detract from the overall design.

Natural Bridge

The is the natural bridge that we missed. As Edison put it "We really should not have to pay so much to see natural structures".


February vacation demanded a family road trip and since the Natural Bridge outside of Roanoke was $18 a person to see we decided to go to FoamHenge instead. It was free and we were the only ones there.



Classic Moulinex form and detailing


Beer labels

Cool looking unused beer labels listed on Ebay.

Missoni Home

The Missoni Lalo Beach Towel. Not sure who needs Missoni for their beach towels but I guess if you have the money why not? They have the logo ribbon woven into the top and bottom edging so that everyone will know you have a designerly Italian towel. I would be afraid that it would get stolen.

Beach Quilt

Made by "Drury Girl" whose quilts are all over Flicker. Interesting effect and mood achieved by the color combinations.


Lego City

PH, This is the lego city that the boys and I have been working on. Each tower is about 5' tall


Brudy Lane Studios

In process pic of the display cabinet Tom Kier is working on for below the product wall at Evo. I think that we were his first official customer.

Mr Heater

Jim, if you are still looking I think that this product would make a fantastic ID thesis. I believe that the parent company is Enerco.


Paring Knife

According to MoMa "Great for picnics, this patented design features a folding ergonomic handle that doubles as a protective blade guard. The zirconium ceramic blade is lighter yet stronger than stainless steel. Made of a ceramic blade with an ABS plastic and rubber handle. Hand-wash only." Hand wash only? Who are they kidding.




Available at Amazon a collection of works by Dreamworks artists.

Nathan Fowkes

Lots of interesting work on Nathan's blog but the charcoal portraits are especially interesting. I am sure that the technique is rapid but the methodical construction shows through in both the weight of the peoples features and the focus of the detailing.



Last night I had my second win against the computer rated 2000+



Once again Andre Reed gets snubbed by the hall of fame. Unbelievable.

Egon Schiele

The linework almost looks like a blind contour technique and gives it the appearance of an intense emotional focus but the introduction of the second line weight indicates an awareness of technique. He is one of the greats.



Cool rings made from concrete. Not sure where they can be purchased but I saw them on Designboom, there might be a link there.

Briggs and Riley BRX

The color makes it.


Aluminum hardware and water-resistant fabrics combine to create a lightweight, durable backpack. Full zippered access to main compartment ensures easy packing and unpacking of gear Heat-molded, crush-proof safezone compartment protects eyewear, portable electronics and other fragile gear (compartment locks and can be removed for extra cargo room). Interesting and functionally adequate but the resulting aesthetic does not seem to have any of Thule DNA. They should have looked at the cases mini cooper did.


Nokia Aeon Touch Screen Phone Concept is a full surface touch screen phone. Interesting but still looks like an evolution of the iphone.



A text painting by Derrick Hickman. 48" X 48" on panel


Interesting form and finish choices for an inline void fill/cushioning crumpler.



Designed by Deney Tasarim

Battle LA

Looks like the same movie that has been made dozens of times but who knows, could be different? Some of the battle scenes look impressive in scale and new effects but will the story be an different?