concept rendering

Cool rendering by Lehnhardt Creative in Mission Viejo.


Eva Solo

garden tools

Interesting handle. The metal looks flimsy, or maybe this is a hand sample. The stacking is a cool feature. I wonder how well they work? Finnishdesignshop.com


At the boardwalk with the boys

That is Pork Chop in the background.


From Unicahome: " Sandy Chilewich applies her interest in color and experimentation with fibers to create her signature textile, woven vinyl. Her innovative use of yarn fuses style and sophistication to create tablemats, bags, cube ottomans and plynyl flooring, available as floormats, w2w and tile. inspired by modern technologies and innovative applications of materials, her award winning products are made in the usa and sold around the world. plynyl, a commercial grade floor surface, was developed with her husband joe sultan, an architect and has created a completely new category in flooring." Chilewich makes some great and innovative products but I am not sure that I have ever seen a lot of color. The mug and saucer are also interesting.

outdoor thermometer

Most of these outdoor thermometers look awful. After a day of reviewing portfolios at RISD and hearing that a large majority of the students look-down on product designers that simply make things look and sell better it is interesting to think about what an impact that type of design can have...and how hard it can be to impact/improve everyday products like outdoor thermometers.


car seat

The egg reference might be a little literal but at least they are trying something new. I think that it would be better if the back panel had pattern instead of solid color fabric.


Painting by Olivia Pendergast

Love the technique, colors and emotion.



The colors, the form and the details are great. Hard to believe the scale that they were able to achieve this in.



Cool form and material too.


1000th post

Tito's handmade vodka is a damn fine vodka. Maybe the best I have ever had outside of the niche stuff I had in Krakow a few years ago. Unfortunately the name and the logo are like a lead anchor. Even the color palette which might make sense to a distiller does not resonate with the consumer. Who would buy vodka from a guy named Tito? Would you buy salsa from a guy named Boris?


Chopard does not get talked about a lot (probably because they are horribly overpriced) but they have some really interesting products.


We need new chairs in the workroom but I have been thinking that it might make more sense to get new chairs for peoples desks and move their chairs into the workrooms. This is the one that I have my eye on...if we can get 14 of them for a good price. Its the Amia by Steelcase.


Xacti ad

video camera

Interesting form for a video camera. I like the way they claimed that it is weather proof. What does that mean?

cool ad

This reminds me of the elements challenge that was on Project Runway last night.



I guess that this design shows that even Fiskars is not perfect. Their entire line of water cans could use some lovin.



Interesting innovation to make it fold in half. I am not sure where the use-pattern knowledge came from but it is nicely implemented...if not a little overly complicated.


Swiss maker Alfex makes some great looking watches with beautiful simple details and great materials/finishes but they could use a bit more water resistance.

spring is around the corner

I like the combination of planer geometry and softer more aesthetically ergonomic elements. The overall form is cool too...but the knurled tip seems incongruous.


Abarth Punto

Interesting combination of sketching and photoshop. The bold palette helps too.


According to "The Dieline" the assignment was "to renew the brand image and packaging of the wine Septiembre." Septiembre is one of the leaders of the Argentine market. This solution is based on the concept of Spring night and the new flower icon builds colorful patterns in each variety/label. It caught my eye because the spring themed graphics on a wine called Septiembre seemed weird...but I guess that is when spring is in Argentina. I like the retro kitchen apron colors and patterns.

Hong Kong Design Centre Concept

This is a concept rendering for a multidisciplinary design school in Hong Kong. It seems to take green building literally.


Shanghai's House of Barbie

Great place to come for retail design and for researching character design beyond Urban Vinyl. The stores tend to be smaller but the use of materials, textures and the details are inspiring in even the smallest shops.



They make a big deal out of this building and it draws a lot of tourists. It is unique but not worthy of all of the excitement it generates. It is well lit and futuristic but to me it looks like it is made from a toy set and the individual forms to not combine into one structure but continue to read as just a series of connected geometrics whose connects fade away.