Miriam Singer

Works on paper by Miriam Singer. If i were wealthy I would commission a piece today.


According to SS "The new SIG522 has the look, feel and action of the classic military-style SIG556 rifle... yet it costs much less, and fires affordable .22LR rounds. This pistol version features a button rifled barrel with flash suppressor, metal receiver with integral Picatinny rail, and a 25-round magazine (item# P522-10B-S)or a 10 Round state compliant model (item# P522-10B-S-10) . The Classic P522 pistol also features a lightweight swiss style forend."


I have been reading a book about Easter Island and the Rongorongo text. Fascinating to think of the possibility that this is one of the few times that groups of people independantly "invented" writing. Too bad no one can read it...yet

Amy Butler

Another cool pattern from CCAD grad Amy Butler. Her fabrics are amazing but even more impressive is the fact that she has been at the top for so many years.


Was talking to a friend about 3D software and he had some good things to say about Rhino. I have not looked at Rhino in a few years, and although it is shallow, I have to admit that the name kind of puts me off. It just seems a little cheesy and cliche. Anyway, he was speaking of the virtues of learning a surface and solid modeler particularly because the surface was easier to concept with, I think that I am going to have to check it out.

recycled coke bottle

I am only about 500 points away from coke rewards.com's most expensive reward, it is a pendant made from a recycled coke bottle. Not sure what I would do with it if I got it but it is kind of cool.

CCAD portfolio review

It is portfolio review season. Since we will likely be hiring soon it is especially important to make contact with the students now and start to learn about what motivates the top talent. It is also interesting to learn about their opinion of design and the industry. It was great to see all the portfolios but depressing to see a department that has been drained of its passion. They seem to have lost their way and lost touch with fact that at its core industrial design is product design. Sadly I think that the only reason I'll head back to CCAD is to buy some fine art.


Beaches 3

There is nothing like the way cousins play together, even though they are not all that close in age they really look after each other and enjoy doing different things.

Beaches 2

This is what happens when you like soft serve ice cream and cotton candy equally.

Beaches 1

We went with the cousins to Beaches in Turks and Caicos for spring break. Along with being 90ยบ everyday there was unlimited cotton candy, pizza and ice cream for the kids and even a swim up milkshake bar. It cost a small fortune and no one liked the lines at customs and immigration but overall they loved it.



You have to hand it to FP for thinking differently about such a static product group. They should emphasize the play more and the structure less...and possibly leverage parents connection with supermarket ride-ins from their youth.


Cool pedestal chairs by prologus. I saw these in an article on core77 about Iceland's design week.


Skil blister pack opener

Blister packs are annoying to open but this might be overkill. For this amount of money they should add a twist tie cutter too.


Soy milk

Great packaging...too bad that soy milk sucks.

mini grill

According the Anthropologie this mini grill is "Perfectly proportioned for small parties on small patios, this futuristic throwback charms with a fresh green color scheme and just enough room for a few briquettes and a pair of patties."

Terra cycle

Terra cycle's biodegradable fiber pot. I believe that these are made from rice hulls. I think that they should lose the shine.

Julbo sunglasses

Just looking at sunglasses for a friend that is looking for a suggestion for a good pair for their kids. Julbo seems to make some really interesting looking options.


Silly Bands

These seem to be the new thing at the boys school. They are rubber bands shaped like animals, cars, stars, etc. A pack of them at Hallmark sells for $4.99 which is pretty good since they probably cost about 5 cents to make. The manager of the store we bought ours at said that about a week ago they started selling like crazy and now she can not keep them in stock.



The thing about the old FP little people playsets is that even thought they appear simple because they are not covered with molded in detail, they are actually well detailed in their own way. The original airport has the control tower, baggage belt and refueling truck along with a bunch of other details.

more little people

The original little people

The Low Down

According to Hive Modern "The Low-Down Media Cabinet is the perfect storage solution for modern electronics. Low to the floor, the height of the cabinet is ideal for TV viewing, and the interior shelves provide concealed storage for unsightly stereo components and cable boxes. An optional media drawer is designed to hold DVDs, and CDs. The interior and back are perforated with vent and cord chase holes." The materials are great but the high gloss finish on the wood seems to detract from the impact of the material change.


The boys have been playing this PC game, Plants versus Zombies. It became their favorite after many weeks of Tower Defense mania. Surprisingly these games have even taken the place of their beloved Pokemon DS and they even seem to prefer it over the Wii. Perhaps it is time for them to get ipads?


Hot Topic

I don't really get the appeal of Hot Topic or the merchandise they carry, which seems to me to be cheap and strange looking, almost like what you would find at Spencer Gifts. But I think that the stock is on the verge of breaking out. HOTT.



I am not sure that there is a large market for steam powered toys but it would be great to have one of these. They look great and I bet that they make a cool noise. The detailing on some of the sheet metal skinned ones is excellent. http://www.crabfu.com/steamtoys


New Co-branded Airstream

portable grill

Great looking portable grill but they should have had more ways to hold accessories and have a the transportation aspect worked out better...like how it is loaded in and out of the car. This is new on Unicahome.

yard work

I don't like working in the yard but it is fun to walk around White Flower Farms and they opened this weekend. They need to improve the gift shop though.