2007 Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Drafted Cal running back Marshawn Lynch and nittany lion Linebacker Paul Posluszny on day one. I think that both are great choices. I have never owned a jersey before but I am thinking of getting a Posluszny jersey. If he is as good as they say he is it should be a fun year. This is the first year I watched the draft, it was pretty exciting to listen to the players talk about where they would be living once they got selected.Their whole life changes that day and they just sit and listen.



I was going through iphoto and came across this picture of the boys in my old apartment. I think that they were watching Tom and Jerry but I am not sure why they were so serious I do not know. They look a little like young members of the Pruszków gang.



In my quest for well designed Non-Nike footwear I came across these. I am not sure that the range of colors will work in person but it looks like an interesting attempt and I like the retro texture. They are kind of hard to find though.


magpie BBQ tools

These come in mirror or satin finish for a price of $236.00. The knife and tongs look like the most interesting elements other than the stand. They are available on unicahime.com


This looks like it would be awkward to hold but it is a cool variation. I'd like to see how easy it is to operate.



Edison, Ian and I are working on our paintings in the woods behind our house in Thomaston. Edison is painting a tree with a hole in it and a creature in the hole, Ian is looking on and giving constructive criticism having finished his painting of the sky. I am trying to find a new style for a show at the end of the year.