Murray Bar

Also Livingston


These are photos from the town of Livingston (pop. 6800). It is snowing in the mountains which is preventing travel but it is nice here in town.


Tropical Rain Forest

Here is Edison walking on the trail in El Yunque.

Jackling House

If you have heard anything about the court order stopping Apple man Steve Jobs from demolishing the 1920 home on his property you may be tempted to side with the preservation committee that stopped him in court. I sure was. However, the house is a piece of crap, It has been unoccupied for over ten years, he has offered to give the house to anyone that would take it away and help pay to have it moved. Finally, I am sure that whatever he puts in its place will be superior to this spanish revival bunker.


2009 river clean-up

We all pitched in with a little celebrity help cleaning up the river this weekend. It was almost enough to fill an entire dumpster.



We just started a new climbing project in the studio and Taylor came across this ladder. Really interesting and probably appropriate in some homes but it looks to me like it is a face plant waiting to happen.

Eva Solo

Nice design although I am not sure that the glossy finish looks right. The cool thing about this nest is that you can change the diameter of the opening to fit the birds that are likely in your area.

Draft Day

Saturday is the draft. The Bills have a lot of picks. It is unlikely but here are the players I hope that they get: OT Jason Smith, DE Brian Orakpo,TE Brandon Pettigrew. Pictured here is my top choice, Orakpo...and he is also probably the least likely of the three.



Although everyone knows that the Buffalo Bills are America's team the Cowboys do have a cool new stadium. I think it is the site of the 2010 superbowl,


We are working on a product that requires an exceptional grip. SIG is a great reference for the cross sections.

snack and drink

This is a cup that holds a small snack up top and liquid below. I know that the concept has been a round for a while but I think that this does a better job than most of the other iterations. I believe it sells for around $5. I think it would be a great item to make in recycled plastic since its life-span is pretty short. I am think that the molded in textures and colors could be a little more fresh and contemporary like what SIGG is doing. Tough to do on plastic but even a palette update would help.


I am not sure what the new features are with the Plum card but it is interesting and an interesting choice of colors. I imagine that they initially wanted to do Red and some cleaver designer talked them into plum to accompany the elusive ultra-high-end AMEX Black). So there is the green, silver, gold, platinum, plum, and black. I think AMEX provides pretty good service but all of the added concierge and airport lounge stuff that comes with the premium cards seems very intangible.


I know it has been down below $80 a share but even where it is now I still think it is a good time to buy Apple. I think it will go to $150 by the end of the 3rd quarter. ETrade makes it all pretty easy.

Ursula homes

John A sent me this link. It is for a line of houses that appear to have been treated as much like products as architecture. I am not sure how comfortable or live-able they are but they are interesting. http://www.ursuladavidhomes.com/portfolio/#


hockey table

This has really come a long way from the old giant domed ones. I am not just saying that because they are a client. I am not sure that I have the space for a hockey table but if I did this would be the one. I especially like the proportions and the sturdy, sporty stance they have given the base. The more contemporary "dome" is also a nice advance.


Bday picture

The boys made me this birthday coffee cake.



The soon to be released WS4 is one of the best looking Timex watches. I signed up to get mine today. Though I can not imagine using all the features I am looking forward to checking out the interface. Here is what their website says about it " The revolutionary wide-screen dashboard provides altitude, weather conditions and compass heading at a glance. Powered by our most advanced sensors and intuitive user-interface, you can start using your WS4 watch the moment it comes out of the box and rely on it in the most extreme conditions. Whether you're hitting the slopes, exploring the back country or challenging your coworkers to a race up the fire escape stairway, grab your WS4 watch and get ready to go out of bounds."


Nicely details Tumi backpack. But I am not sure that I see $400 of value.


Not a big change but a nice effect on the overall form. I wonder how the ergonomics are impacted by the change.


core 77

Cool new line from our friends at Bodum featuring great finishes, colors and textures. They were part of a presentation on Core77 highlighting interesting stuff from the 2009 housewares show in Chicago. The Preserve line that we designed with the team at Recycline is also pictured in their review. Lisa Smith and Caroline Linder did a great job.



Monsters vs. Aliens

I saw this with the boys today. There are some great visuals and the animation is amazing. BOB is excellent but the 3D aspect is as lame as can be Why do they keep trying with 3D? Who likes it? The depth of field is whacky and it is a constant distraction so see the non-3D version. (Steven Colbert as the President is also really funny in parts but the moth to butterfly transformation is awful.)


Here is a slightly better image showing the attention to detail.

Crown Equipment

I was reminded today how well designed the Crown equipment is...and for how long they have been paying such attention to the details, materials and human factors. Pretty Impressive. Sorry the one I picked is not a great photo. There are a bunch on their website.

Evel Knievel

Perhaps the EVO Design Solutions color palette shown in the post below from Gizmodo really is an homage to Evel? I think I had the lunch box when I was in grade school so maybe they are fans too. Either way it is really impressive that they were able to fit that massive battery into the shell.

EVO electric motorcycle

"In preparation for the zero-emissions grand prix, Evo Design Solutions has developed this electric superbike. Evo Design Solutions used a couple design tricks to allow room for the bike's large battery, including a monocoque that encloses the drivetrain, which negates the need for a frame. It'll be sold for around $28,000, although there are no immediate plans for mass production. Of course that could change if it is a big hit." Taken from Gizmodo. I am not sure that the Evel Knievel color palette is working.

locks 3

There should be more digital locks now. Locks that allow people to unlock them with a signal from their cell phone or with a password instead of a hard-key.

Locks 2

locks 1