This is one of the Chemotherapy drugs being held to the IV pole by pre-cut sticker that is peeled up to form a loop allowing the bottle to be held upside-down. Given that it is about $3000 at dose they must have really tested that label.


Kidrobot + Swatch

I think I saw this on tumblr. The UV thing is getting a little tired but it seems to still have some mass appeal. These colors are still working. I saw these on my new iphone 4s today. It is fast but I think that the quality is crap compared to my iphone 1.0 I think that I should have held out for the Nokia.




Cool film bag series as seen on Dieline. This concept is pretty tame but clearly the film packing industry is on the cusp of a creative explosion.



Cool watch found on Core77. Nice the way they used the functional pattern of the band as a decorative pattern on the face.



Someone should go on kickstarter and propose a project that makes kickstarter easier to navigate. I am searching for a friends project on there and can never find the damn thing. The whole organization/structure is tedious and self-indulgent not to mention out of date. Does anyone care what the staff recommends anymore? Also, why would I want them sorted by most funded?


I think that this is the tomahawk and I believe it uses the engine from a Dodge Viper. I know it is an old idea but is still looks pretty cool...and difficult to drive.


Just saw this image on core77. "Nearly 2,000 canoes and kayaks floating on Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks, with all of the individual boaters holding hands in an effort to break the World's Largest Raft"



The Fisker Karma from the New York auto show. The proportions are a little too 'vette for me but the details are interesting and the interior is well done. I heard that Bieber has a chrome one.

color palette

Interesting composition and color palette. I think it is for a new beer. Nice find john.



This is the new SANYO VPC-CA102YL, the waterproof Full HD Dual Camera Xacti coming out soon. The form factor is familiar but the functionality is amazing. The company says the new Dual Camera can record over 480 minutes of 1080 Full HD video on a single 64GB SDXC memory card and 14MP photos from a depth of ten feet underwater. Interesting too that use of the color yellow still say underwater. Who started that? Sony maybe?


Patrick and the team at Evo won the Ricoh competition with this exact idea about 15 years ago. I think that I like this base better than ours but our detailing on the ball was way better