new painting

This collage/painting is the latest piece at Evo. The Artist is Emily Rickard. Here is what she had to say about it: "Art is the means by which I present my affinity for gathering, saving, and reconstituting found objects.  Working with abstraction allows me to focus exclusively on composition, texture, and the organization of color and pattern within the piece.  The combination of tactile materials from non-art origins, both old and new, creates a personal history specific to that work of art.  When combined and presented within a fine art context these elements exhibit a warm, joyful quality that surrounds the viewer with vibrant color.

With this piece, my goal was to use the scale of the canvas as a place where large, bold patches of color could take center stage in the composition.  The vivid brights and patterns have the ability to draw a viewer in from across the room, while the more subtle, supporting interactions of the collage materials act as the reward for approaching the canvas."   

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