I prefer charcoal and tend to use this little Lodge brand hibachi that I got for my birthday. Or sometimes the old weber. I Saw this little IR unit the other day and wondered what it might be like.

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Anonymous said...

This is a really nice unit.

One product that has yet to be successfully invented is a hibachi unit that can hook onto a window sill safely and securely.

Back in school a group of students in a dorm room would secure their hibachi to their open window sill and grill out with the grill suspended out into open space.

We had no faith that they had secured it for maximum safety and stability, however there was a large overhand to the dorm entry right below the window they were using (5 stories up) so probably the worst would have been a smoldering briquette fire that would have eventually collapsed the overhang, blocking the exit.

Considering what a depressing experience it was to live in that dorm, that may have been a blessing, at least in hindsight.