car search 4.0

It looks like the beetle is going to force me to get a new car. I can not say that I am excited about anything that is out there right now. Nothing really meets my space/mileage criteria and I refuse to get a vehicle that sucks gas. I hate to sound like Scott but I am starting to believe there is collusion between the oil companies and the car manufacturers. I am sure that everyone has seen that while automobile manufacturers profits have leveled the oil companies are having a record year. It turns out they usually run in this sort of pattern. You know when we will see the car companies really switch to another energy source? When the oil companies figure out how they can charge $50 a fill up for whatever new energy source they come up with. Sure, I care about the planet and I am happy to minimize my carbon footprint by getting a hybrid but what I really care about it is not getting screwed by a gaggle of greedy bastards that think no one is paying attention. So, it looks like I am going to get in line for an Altima Hybrid. I know it is not the best of the hybrids and I am sorry, but I just can't drive a prius. To me the prius that looks about as good as the Greenbay Packers Cheese hats. I just wish I could afford a Tesla.

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